How often do you

… clean your toilet?
… wash your towels?
… change your bedding?
… clean your kitchen worktops?
… vacuum your floors?
… other stuff

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Personally, I don’t that stuff too often, but…

  • We have a cleaner
  • We don’t have a cleaner

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not often enough

  1. Properly every week, in between as needed (clean toilet is a good thing)
  2. Wash towels weekly, change if too grody in between.
  3. Change bedding weekly
  4. Wipe worktops multiple times a day, clean properly every day/every other day, really clean them weekly.
  5. Vacuum downstairs every day before school run (then if it’s honging after walking dog etc I might do it again), upstairs weekly at the moment but I’m going to be increasing that frequency because I don’t think it’s enough and it’s only my own laziness preventing me from making it better.

I’m well slack at wiping other surfaces/dusting and that sort of thing, and I’m waiting until the deciduous tree that overhangs our garden to stop chucking leaves in there before tidying that up because I’m no Sisyphus

… clean your toilet?

Whenever we have guests coming over.

… wash your towels?

Dunno, not on my chores list.

… change your bedding?

Aim for once a week, often once a fortnight

… clean your kitchen worktops?

Properly cleaned about once a week

… vacuum your floors?

Whenever we have guests coming over.

… other stuff

Bit vague, not sure what to write here.

Toilet: Every time I do a poo.
Towels: Every week if I can
Bedding: Every 2 weeks
Worktops: Several times a day
Vacuum floors: Daily
Other stuff: A Lot.

I have a cleaner but I also do A LOT.

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I don’t have a cleaner - I wish I did because they’d maintain all the standard stuff and let me get to grips with the little things that really bother me

clean your toilet? every other day
wash your towels? weekly
change your bedding? fortnightly
clean your kitchen worktops? multiple times a day (as in, give them a wipe)
vacuum your floors? once or twice a week
other stuff as and when

woah how are people no cleaning their worktops enough


can’t remember the last time I cleaned mine. Maybe 6 months ago?


what are we calling cleaning the toilet? wiping the skid marks off or full on inside and out bleaching?

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literally after I do anything in the kitchen they need wiping


it’s fine, just brush the crumbs into the bin. I don’t eat off it

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anything with bleach on the inside

also following mrshinchhome on instagram has spiked my cleaning by about 50%

wiping them =/= cleaning them IMO

everyone is wiping them if they drop or spill something on them, but you wouldn’t say you clean them three times a day

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what the hell else am i doing to clean them?