How often do you...

never gonna be cleaner than when I come out of the shower. probably fine.

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Bing it in the wash once a week. Never actually dries anything though as we have a dishwasher so more an ornamental device.

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(Scott adams sucks but this)

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The thought of them hanging about overnight to be used again the next day turns my stomach a bit. Into the wash pile after the evening dishes are done.

We naturally have bacteria on our skin and towels are damp so even better for growing more, and there’s plenty of sloughed off dead skin for them to feed on

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Yeah, very occasionally there will be minimal washing up or it will have been basically dry by the time I do it, or I’m doing it the next morning. Otherwise, as soon as it’s damp - in the wash they go.

When I’m cooking I have one on my shoulder too that I just use from start to end then put in the wash.

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I guess I’m lucky as I have no bacteria on my skin.


Got a real thing about tea towels. Constantly washing them. I’m not so uptight about them that I have specific tea towels for specific things, but if it’s hung on a certain drawer it’s for a certain thing (next to the sink for hand drying after washing up, next to the oven to take things out with, the other drawer is misc). Always have three on the go, and a display one that hangs over the oven door (have three that I rotate, my current favourite is a Fleabag one). Forever washing them, I won’t do a load without having at least three in there. Sometimes I throw them in the machine cause they feel a bit damp and it gives me the ick.

Where were you several years ago when I had my tea towel thread!?

(Don’t answer that because the answer is probably ‘in school’)


:smiley: most likely.

Just counted and I have sixteen tea towels. Feel like that isn’t enough.

Please don’t


It gets changed every day/day and a half!!

We change our tea towel weekly, but we hardly use it, as we let things dry on the drainer or in the dishwasher. We have oven gloves, so the towels never get greasy.

Tea Towels // Hand Towels



Mine’s this one:


I feel like this is a targeted attack

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I assumed that it was a typo, given:

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This one!

And before anyone starts, it’s crumpled because it was in the washing machine because it’s it’s turn to be washed, PROOF FOR THE NON BELIEVERS

Next to, you’ll notice, two other tea towels.


Please keep your bacteria off my posts!

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Oh no, it was very much a targeted attack.

Theyre all just tea towels, I don’t have a specific drawer for like… cooking tea towels or whatever. It’s just wherever they’re placed in the kitchen that dictates their role for the next day or so