How often have you been lulled into a false sense of security

Any stories? No?


I’ve only ever been “lulled” into a false sense of security so I’m afraid I have nothing to contribute here. Best wishes for the thread though x


which is what the title says, anthony

Wait… Wha wha wha what is going on here?

This is all getting a bit too spooky for me, I’m outta here!

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oh man this is such a good callback to your previous spooky ponderings. thank you for this, and for you

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As a dissociative type I feel like this is my entire existence


Just stopping by to say I really enjoy your threads @xylo


hey man tha-waaaait a minute

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I do, but you’re not going to like it because it’s a bike story.

Two days ago I was pootling around the South Circular on my way to work. I wasn’t going particularly fast, I was in a bike lane and there was slow moving traffic to my side. I was relaxed and minding my own business and then a transit driver next to me suddenly decided to turn left into the petrol station beside me.

So I had nice diversion onto the pavement.

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As a shy and anxious child of 7 i was told we were moving house and with it school.

Cried and cried saying i didnt want to until my mum said ok we wont move.

We did move.

(maybe i should post this in the mental health thread)

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Moving around a bunch when I was a kid* has left such an impression to this day that I 00% decided from day one that we are staying put in the same area for the entire duration of both of our kids’ childhoods.

[*with the benefit of loooooong hindsight, I can appreciate that it might have had positive effects also.]

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Is there anything else you can be lulled into?

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may depend on the person but forming those friendships is so important at such a young age and then having to go somewhere new where everyone has already bonded is not easy

good on you.


I demanded to my parents that we never moved, worked

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Kids I knew before I was 13 -> wankers
Kids I met after I was 13 and moved -> GBOL 30 years on.

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Work told me I would be staying with them on a different project until September. Then on the day I was to move to the new team they said I wouldn’t move. That was pretty shocking :neutral_face:

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I was at a party and we were playing musical soldiers? Is that the one? Anyway the game seemed to be lie on the floor and don’t move for as long as possible. I was winning and the only one left and then the mum of some kid said Shyguy your mummies here!!! So I guess being at a party was already a bit stressful and cause I love my mum I got up and was really happy cause I got to see my mum and she wasn’t there. Lulled. The security being my mum.


I don’t know the game so I’m guessing, but if you were the only one left hadn’t you actually won?

I don’t think the adults wanted anyone to win.