How old are your oldest pair of pants?

Have they stood the test of time? Or are they a faded, inelastic shadow of their former selves?

I would say that, despite regular pant purges, I have pairs that are pushing on six years old.

oldest pair are probably 10 years old.

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I’ve got one pair that must be >10 years old. The elastic is completely gone on them and they are proper baggy. Still wear them occasionally on lazy days, if nothing else because it will annoy 'er indoors when she sees I’m wearing them.

Oldest pair are probably about 10 years old.

They’re not in regular rotation though.

You need to be throwing away pants you have from 10 years ago, lads.


60 years old. I only wear vintage pants.


14 years yessir
(fruit of the loom, red tartan)

3? they’re a size too small. quite easy to get rid of when they don’t fit.

Sometimes you just need a pair of pants for going to the gym or to prevent your phallic outline being visible through your pyjamas when your flatmate’s girlfriend is around in the morning. Do you not think a pair of 10-year old pants are suitable in this situation?

Recently had a bit of a cull with underwear and bought loads of new stuff so oldest might be a year maybe

There is a pair of south park pants in my flat that are 18 years old.

reckon i have a set in circulation from 2005

Four years I’d guess. There’s a couple I’ve been in half a mind to bin recently.

Just don’t convey the right message about the saps brand.

Do you think you ever wore them to a gig by The Rakes?

more than possible

leeds festival maybe

I do a semi regular pants purge. Just did one on Sunday in fact. Went to Uniqlo and bought 10 pairs of the same ones, all in slightly different colours and binned all the old ones. So my oldest pair are 4 days old.

My sister refers to pants like that as ‘netball skirts’.

Yes I regularly bin them all, and replace all of them. Same with socks.

Sad old underwear = sad life (at least for me)

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Three years old, tops. I had a full pants drawer revamp a while back.

I don’t think keeping any clothes from 10 years ago is advisable. I get bored of clothes v quickly though.