How old do you feel?


I turned 30 recently… Each day is a toss up between feeling like I can’t possibly be 30, and then also feeling like death is literally just round the corner.


I’m 43, I feel about that I guess - my friends of a similar age all look about as old as I do and act in a more or less similar way, so I guess this is how people in their 40s are now


…is it you?





@EmileRatelband must be fuming.


I’m 40 next year, feel and act like i’m about 24.


If I could be arsed I’d make a @EmileRatelban69 account.


Probably feel even younger than I did when I wrote this.


Hi Benjamin Button.


The humour of a 50 year old (Dad)


I reckon I look about 32 but act like I’m 19


Yep same.


“no deebee you don’t look a day over 26 and you act like you’re 48”


17, perpetual teenager


Am avoiding going up the stairs because it hurts my knees


I’m 40 next year like half the boards it seems.

I have absolutely no concept of how old I “feel”. I feel tired and stressed and like I need to cut down on caffeine and spend more time outdoors.


hard to say

in some ways, I feel more like someone in their early/mid-twenties (I am 30). I feel like most people perceive me this way, too.

lately I feel very tired and look old/tired, but I don’t know if I feel old? I don’t really know. I just feel totally broken and hopelessly depressed.


yeah, same. because of my anxiety, I basically feel like I didn’t exist for seven years.

also, I didn’t have really have a social life at all for a couple of years mid-teens. lots of arrested development in my life.


I felt alright on my 30th birthday this year. maybe that was because I had one of the loveliest weekends of my whole life when I did. helped a lot.

I’ve also completely coincidentally grown a lot the last year and a half as a social person. like, I was basically nobody for my twenties, with no self-esteem, and even though I have had my lowest points this year, I have also felt like an extant person who I actually don’t hate to be.

don’t want to get any older, though :grimacing: