How old is too old to be buying Coco Pops?

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My colleague has a bowl of Coco Pops every morning and she’s 31.

I think this is too old to be eating Coco Pops.

*Choco Krispies

if you’ve got kids or not

yes. If you haven’t got kids you can obviously only buy them if you’re using them to make cakes for a charity cake sale

my wife still buys and eats them, mid-thirties, no children involved. never had an issue with it.

There isn’t an upper-age limit on Coco Pops, they’re obviously delicious and denying yourself something you like because of a perceived age issue is a damning indictment of our society.


When you are old enough to pay for them you are too old to buy them. Ooooooooohhhhhhhh

  • cocopops
  • cornflakes
  • frosties
  • shreddies
  • ricicles
  • cheerios
  • crunchy nut cornflakes
  • bran flakes
  • weetabix
  • special k
  • alpen

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To all those haters out there…

I just had some and they were awesome.

Lots of love from 31 and childless xx


They’re delicious, there is no problem. I’m 31, and the other day I bought some Weetos. Fucking great stuff. I’d also happily partake in a Coco Pop, a Ricicle, or a Frostie.

I’ve never tried Krave, I believe that looks disgusting.

I like frosted shreddies.


Frosted Shreddies are unbelievable.

The greatest cereal known to man is M&S Maple & Pecan Flakes, followed closely in second by Kellogg’s Start.

Start tastes like cat food. But in a GOOD way

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tend to eat adult cereal these days.

Y’know, sweet sweet tropical granola; sugary maple and pecan crunch. Adult stuff.

There is no age limit, BUT, they’re not really all that filling so as an adult you’ll either bankrupt yourself having to buy so many boxes or supplement with toast or something.

Caught the bf just eating handfuls of my expensive granola like the animal that he is. 3 quid that cost me, like eating pure gold.

How big a pack, though? 800g of coco pops is £3.75 at Tesco.

I’m excited to try these Maple and Pecan beauties.

I’m a get some tomorrow.

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