How old is too old to be buying Coco Pops?

Oh! Haha, is it!?! Fuck. If I’m being honest mine was from one of those variety packs…

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I just checked, it was the Dorset honey granola at 3.80 in sainsbury’s.

Baked oats, honey, almonds and pecans (it’s the pecans that make it for me), seeds and a hint of vanilla :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Phwoar.

I’d say 7 or maybe 8

but any younger than that is waaay too young

There’s like a two-year window where you’re neither too young nor too old to eat Coco-Pops?

Yeah the Dorset cereals are expensive. Most have raisins or sultanas in so there are only about 3 varieties I can buy, and one of those is half-chocolate or something crazy.

No Theo
Under 9: too young to eat Coco Pops on health grounds
Over 7: too old to eat Coco Pops on maturity grounds

Your poor child. Never to know the sweet wonder of Coco-Pops.

As a child who ate coco-pops for breakfast every day from the age of about 3 to the age of about 15, i can assure him my iron rule is better for him in the long run

“Do as I say, not as I do.”

Fair to say you’ve got this parenting lark down.

I bought a whole box when I was a student and completed it in one day having opted to have Coco Pops for every single meal

I said this to him only this morning as he tried to snatch the lovely glowing rectangle out of my hand for the too-many-th time. but of course he still claims not to fully understand English. (I really need to stop looking at my phone in front of him)

Not going to be popular this, but cereals are rubbish. Either little diabetes bombs packed full of sugar or completely boring like Weetabix or muesli.

That’s not going to happen. F just tells us off. “Stop looking at your phone, dada,” or “Put your phone away”, over and over until we look at her.

yeah it’s hard. mrs s has got a book about it which i think i should read.