How old is your television?

  • Less than a week
  • Between a week and a month
  • Between one and six months
  • Between six months and a year
  • Between one and two years
  • Between two and three years
  • Between three and four years
  • Between four and five years
  • Between five and six years
  • Between six and seven years
  • Between seven and eight years
  • Between eight and nine years
  • Between nine and ten years
  • More than ten years
  • Don’t own a TV

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Mine is between three and four years old and I kind of hate it but it cost ÂŁ300, it works, it fits in the corner, and I begrudge spending more than that on something I barely use.

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My partner’s, which is currently in use, is 4-5 yrs. Samsung, chugging along nicely.

Mine, which is currently in a box, is about 2 years old.

mine is 7+ years and im still very happy with it

Alright Johnny Two Tellys


At least five but not sure. It was a hand-me-down when 'er indoors’s dad got an enormous new one.

Johnny Unplanned Covid Move


Got a big ol’ flat telly about five or six years ago. Chromecast keeps it young for all yer streaming stuff and Spotify and that.

Think I bought it around xmas 2012. Though it wasnt used between April 2014 and September 2017 due to having small room/flats that it wouldn’t really fit in.

I stream via a HDMI lead from my laptop.

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This is one of the things I hate about my telly - it’s “smart” but in practice only Netflix works on it so I’ve got a Roku stick for all the other things.


As long as I can watch Food Network I’m easy


Did I make it in time?!?!


My mum RENTED a telly until about 1997. The number of of TVs she could have bought with what she spent. Madness.


The tv’s parents still do, I think. Or only stopped in the last year.

I initially thought it was between 2 and 3 years old. But I just checked the email from Richer Sounds and it was purchased on the 28th December 2016. Seems like yesterday, how time flies.

I do have another old tele which my parents were going to get rid off, that’s about 15 years old. It doesn’t get used.

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Where bounce your tellys, hun?

  • Living room
  • Bedroom (Just one)
  • Bedroom (More than 1)
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom (!)
  • Hallway
  • Conservatory
  • Other (?)

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Got mine when I moved into this flat just over 10 years ago, along with a PS3 which I use for Netflix and dvds and Blu rays (doesn’t get used for gaming anymore)

Would like a new one cos it would mean a bigger screen for the same space on the wall but it just keeps on going, it was about £400 from richer sounds I think, an LG. The remote died in a battery leak a few years ago but i don’t really need that as sound is all going through the hi fi and all tv is app based coming from other devices

How many hours a day is it on for, typically?

  • Less than one
  • Between one and two
  • Between two and four
  • Between four and eight
  • Between eight and twelve
  • Between twelve and sixteen
  • More than sixteen

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My parents did this, too. In fairness I think TVs were more expensive to buy back then.