How old were you the last time you got ID'd?


read @Flashinglight 's post in the evening thread and saw big thread numbers, don’t let me down m8s.

I was working away with two mates in a small village near st asaphs. was the only pub within walking distance and I didn’t have any id. had to stay in a travelodge drinking cans all week.



27 and a half


At my current age of 27 I have been ID’d for both 18 and 16 age restricted products. Curse my youthful looks.


used to get ID’d all the time, haven’t for at least awhile (probably less than a year still though). I’m 26

wait this isn’t true at all, I get ID’d loads still


a wis in Sainos yeserday and approved my own booze. Stepped up to the self checkout and though the interface looked a little different but proceeded anyway. When I scanned the bevvy the thing asked me if it was ok and naturally I tapped yes and that was that. Some staff must have left it logged in


Don’t think I’ve been IDed since I actually was underage.

  1. Paracetamol.


30… Like 3 weeks ago. I don’t know Why, I look old as fuck. Crate of Kronenburg and fags


34 i think? maybe 33. buying some booze as a christmas present in the supermarket. was buying a bottle of wine a week or two later with my boyfriend, who’s 5 years younger, and thought we’d get id’d but didn’t. apparently having my younger boyfriend with me makes me look older.


Couple of weeks ago in the local Waitrose.

30 years old


get ID’d semi regularly. I’m 32 ffs


Think about 29-30. I’ve looked 40 since about the age of 14. On this occasion I think the woman at ASDA was a bit…odd. I basically just laughed and then she just didn’t follow it up


should have done a follow up - have you ever seen a 17 yr old who looked like you when you were id’d?


Few years back so 34/35. Was very pleased tbh


Early 30s? Man behind me in the queue actual LOLd


29, at a club where they were identifying everyone as a protocol.

As an aside, still get weirdly nervous when I’m buying booze that I’ll get ID’d. Dunno why, doesn’t make any sense as there’s no possible reprecussion


ID’d for age: Maybe when I was 16?
Loads of places just ID you as standard now though.


they do!? what places?


Yeah, loads of clubs apparently have to, especially if they’re in arches underneath Network Rail tracks.


oh clubs, fair play I’ve not been to a proper club in 5 years.