How old were you when you first went up a ladder?

Sorry about all the threads, I’m in the eighth all-day meeting in the last fortnight from 11 so I have to get them all in early.

In one of my other threads @urbanfox said that he went up a ladder for the first time recently at the age of 26.5, this struck me as a late stage in life to be going up a ladder for the first time but then it occurred to me that my own childhood was spent largely surrounded by builders and tradesmen and it wasn’t at all unusual for me to nip up a ladder and go on some scaffolding or whatever if I was going to see my Granddad while he was on-site or whatever.

So yeah, talk to me about the age at which you first were up a ladder.

If you mean the property ladder then never.

I meant actual ladders

Then never

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Goodness me!

I’m really sorry but I don’t know. If it had occurred to me at the time that you would make this thread in the future I’d have made a note of it somehow.


My first ladder experience was in Bristol, which would have been fourth year of my undergraduate degree, which would be 2006-2007, which would make me 21 or 22.

Hope that was thorough enough for you.

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Not to worry foppsy-woppsy, it was a speculative thread at best in all honesty

Superb and thorough, thanks Eppsy-Weppsy, you’ve replied well today.

If anyone knows the actual answer to this I’ll be pleasantly suprised. And suspicious.

Are we talking all the way up? I might have been told to get down from a ladder at a fairly young age.

There are ladders in playgrounds so probably pretty early for most people.

These ladders DO NOT COUNT.

I am still not allowed to use the ladder to the loft in my childhood home. I have to ask a parent to go up to the loft because the ladder is quite dangerous.


What’s in the loft?

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do the steps on the back of a slide count as a ladder

Not sure, but when I was sixteen I had a summer job where I had to go onto the roof of a warehouse to paint the windows. It was 60 to 70 ft up a ladder.

Cured me of vertigo forever, obviously.

I’m guessing about 3, to follow my dad up to the loft when he gets the Christmas decorations down.

My nephew made the same journey following the same man up that same ladder to that same loft just before Christmas to get those decorations down again.

Sunrise, sunset.

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Hello Hoogy, do you think the flat nature of your homeland has any effect on the standard length (height?) of a typical ladder manufactured there?

These ladders DO NOT COUNT.

I’ve no idea. I have a theory that my mum (but more likely my dad, he always threatened to bag up my room and throw it all out) has sold/thrown away most of my stuff. I have been after my Rick Stein India cookbook for a while and my mum always goes up there and just moves things about and goes "I can’t find it"
This happens with everything I ask her to go up there and look for. I have never retained anything from that loft.



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