How old were you when you first went up a ladder?




This is an intriguingly vague post, where is this small room?


Yeah, can I just clarify for the benefit of people who haven’t seen the other thread - When I say it was my first time up a ladder, I’ve been on stepladders and 6-foot jobbies up into the loft* and all that, but this was my first time on a ‘proper ladder’ going about 20 foot up.

*At my parents old house, we didn’t have a proper ladder to get into the loft - We’d use the stepladder and use the bit at the top (see below) as an extra step to get into the loft. How’s that for excitement!


Well fuck you too.


That’s pretty sweet.


I see the Fox family are real thrill-seekers!


I wouldn’t trust you further than I could ejaculate you.


Which cookbook is it? I have Rick Stein’s India and I could take photos of each of the pages and email them to you if you want?


This is what we did too! It was always a bit of a bold leap up and even more so coming back down. I’m surprised no one has ever had a serious fall from it because the entrance to the loft is really near the top of the stairs.


Most the times I’ve been up a ladder (ooh, err) were as a kid (ages 4-18). Whether at school, helping me dad or just pissing about. Can’t remember the last time I used one, living in a maintained flat and not doing manual labour for a living.

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My dad would always lean back on it as well to wind my mom up, so there were only two feet of the ladder on the floor. Like what you used to do on chairs at school, only with the added excitement that you might fall at best 5 or so feet from the top of the ladder, or at worst down the stairs.


Yeah, this is the interesting inversion of the norm that applies to me as well, from responses so far you’d think that people would spend more time up a ladder the older they got but for me the exact opposite is true!


My Dad would do similar things to wind my Mum up but involving falling off the edge of Land’s End or Lizard Point or whatever whilst holding us.


It is Rick Stein’s India cookbook.
I think I’m ok as I have 2 other Indian Cookbooks now (Meera Sodha ones if you’re interested). Thank you though.

I used to hoard magazines too as I believed after a long time has passed, I would look at the magazine and forgot I had read it and it would be like a new magazine all over again. I’m very certain she has thrown them all away.


You’re the ladder Benjamin Button.


The offer stands if you’re ever desperate for something non-Meera.

My sister used to hoard magazines as well and now my parent’s loft is full of decades old copies of OK


" I’m in the eighth all-day meeting in the last fortnight"

Christ, who’d have thought programming football games could be quite so dull?


Ladder up to the loft: about 2, when my dad was up there getting the christmas decorations down. I got told off.

Ladder to the top of a bunk bed: about 3, when we went on holiday to norfolk.


Feature meetings mate, they’re actually a very enjoyable and enthusiasm-reviving time of year for the most part IMO.


My dad used to do this too. He was a bit more extreme though. I vaguely remember him once throwing himself off the top of a castle to stand on a wall or ledge below it. I may have also just dreamed this.