How organised are you?


I don’t think I’m naturally that organised but I need to be at work, and now for house stuff I’ve got colour coded spreadsheets and appropriately labelled secondary email accounts and all sorts, so maybe it’s that I don’t really care about most things enough to go to the effort.



Absolute chaos. No idea what’s going on


Militantly well-organised. I actually quite enjoy it.

Less so for things that don’t matter all that much and where a bit of slack can be beneficial, of course.


Work? Terrible.
Home? Terrible.
Barely significant thing about a hobby? 7 ring binders full of detailed plans with risk assessments, contingency plans and detailed instructions of what to do if I die before the task is complete.


I literally started a thread asking for how to do a to-do list yesterday. That should tell you everything you need to know


As in all things, wr, you were my inspiration for this thread.

POTW nominations (week 41)



Work: dreadful
Personal: am known for being the one that organises everything to the point then already being asked when the friends Christmas dinner is.In early October.


Terrible. I’ve no idea where I am or what’s happening 95% of the time.


I do organise a lot of things, actually. Just can’t organise MYSELF. Modern day tragedy





Can keep a semblance of order but struggle generally tbh


so your organised both at home and work? So that’s nearly as organised as you can be I think


my organisational skills:


self-organisation is tory.


I need to organise my bills and insurances, I am getting that feeling at the moment something is going to slip through the net and mess me up.


Personal life: Mess
Work: Actually quite good now. Outlook calendar helps with time management. Write a big list of tasks for myself the previous day to ensure that I don’t arrive the next, twiddling thumbs and whattatodoing. Have to be quite militant with prioritising tasks as I have a tendency to start one thing and get distracted by another.

Was diagnosed with dyspraxia at a fairly young age and it’s taken years of trial and error to see what strategies work.


Only on specific parts of my home life. Most life admin: not great. Card collections: meticulously organised first by faction, then type, then alphabetically within type.


Probably amongst the least organised people on the planet, yet when I put my mind to it I’m very good at organising


the most tory thing would be to outsource the organising to a company that you happen to have shares in