How physically flexible are you?

My hamstrings are so tight that when you have to do that thing to show how stretchy you are, I can’t even reach the chart. I have tried doing yoga, but it’s just embarrassing when you can’t even do the most basic things. I would like to be more flexible, but not enough to do much about it. Probably means I’m gonna get injured lots as I get older, which is a shame.

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I am very rigid

I’ve been sat in this chair for three years, unable to get up


This explains a lot


What thing to show how stretchy you are?

Had one of those physicals with my old job.

They make you sit on the floor then lean forward to see how far you can get your fingers to reach. I couldn’t even reach the chart.

I can’t even sit cross-legged on the floor. No joke.

Going to the park in summer or whatever is a genuine problem. Cannot sit down for more than 5 minutes in a position even approaching comfortable.

Really not flexible at all. A physiotherapist reckons I’ve got some kind of connective tissue disorder, it’s that bad.

I tried yoga but the instructor kept manhandling me because I wasn’t bending far enough and she seemed to think it was due to lack of effort rather than being broken. I remember her standing over me and pushing down on my shoulders with all of her weight because they weren’t level with the mat, and looking perplexed.

I don’t go to yoga any more.

Never been able to get anywhere near touching my toes.

This is very similar to my experiences, and I have ended up doing the same

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calves are like piano wire

but my hips move like butter


Oh, I’ve never done that. I can touch my toes with my legs flat on the floor though.

You’d be fine on the chart

Not very at all. I can’t sit on the floor with my legs crossed - I have to do that thing where I wrap my arms around my knees to sit upright.

I’m hoping that getting back into swimming and losing a bit of excess weight around my midriff will help, but I may have to start looking at pilates or something as i get older.

I have Haglan’s Deformities: my hamstrings are so tight that they’ve pulled on, and deformed, my ankle bones so I have two weird spurs of bone, one on each ankle.

Fun fact: this is the medical condition that kept Trump out of 'Nam.

I think I win this thread.


my hams are generally tight af and cause me no end of problems from sprinting. I have an extensive warm up regime before going for it, that’s kept the wolves at bay for a while but I can feel a rip coming

can’t even touch my ankles


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The fitter/ stronger I am (as in doing weights and bodypump and running and stuff) the less flexible I tend to be. I’m not very fit rn but I can put my head on my knees with my legs straight, so at least I’m bendy.