How Populist are you?

Guardian going all in on it at the minute. Got a nice quiz to do

@anon82218317 posted some great links about this the other day but I can’t remember which thread it was in

Post your results

bullshit term for dickheads who think capitalism is fine and cannot understand why people would have a problem with it


Preach comrade :sunglasses:

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No surprises here

I am Pablo Iglesias


I’m next to Pablo Iglesias.

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Sanders, baby

I’m similar to this Pablo guy who has the same hair as me!

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Well colour me shocked…


I don’t know what free market means though so had to put neutral on that.

what does free market mean?

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Same. Seems like a pretty good guy tbh. Hard to imagine anyone on the actual left who the Guardian wouldn’t call a populist seeing as it involves caring about whether poor people eat or not.


No, I am Pablo Iglesias.

Also, phew:


More like Julio to be honest.


Re Pablo. Being anti corruption is a terrible thing to run on.

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Apparently I’m a left wing populist and I should move to Mexico. I don’t want to move to Mexico

is this just the political compass without being as thorough? this put me to the left of that pablo guy (top left), the political compass puts me to the left of gandhi (bottom left) where it seems no one is. why is no one in the bottom half on this?

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It’s just an internet questionnaire. It also tells you how lucky in love you’re going to be in the new year, and how much a child of the 70s you are.


AMLO apparently.

I know nothing of this person. Guess I should find out.

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I’m Barack. No surprise there as we both strongly approve of 1970s Conan the Barbarian comics.

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I’m a Bernie Bro!

Wonder why Corbs isn’t featured in the populist left… :thinking:

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