How powerful is the microwave at your work

800W category E here

feels weaker though

Just had a 750W piece of shit replaced by a 1000W bad boy, got two of them now.


Deputy to the CEO


that’s quite the upgrade!

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I would not know because I am not a work microwave pleb.

Saw someone microwave salad in it the other day though.

You’re telling me! It’s a very welcome addition given a certain dan_thw always used to fucking monopolise the good one and use it’s convection oven setting for 45 minutes at a time for actual dinners.

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how do you heat up your food at work then


had an expensive delonghi at my old place and after three years there I still couldn’t work it

I will check next time I’m in the kitchen. Excited about this.


I do not bring my own food to work
I spend £6 on toast ffs, as if i’m bringing leftovers in


We’ve got a Delonghi and a Sharp, friend. The new one is the Sharp.

spending £6 on toast and not even keeping the leftovers. shocking.

There’s a crowd round the coffee machine in there just now, blocking it. I saw that it’s a Samsung microwave though. Will update when I have the wattage.

I’ve never been into the room where our work microwave is

letting the tension build before the big reveal… I like your style

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why not

2 Panasonic 1000w jobbers