How prone to static shocks are you?

  • I’m honestly going to claim I’ve never had one
  • Can’t remember the last time I got one
  • Get one once in a while
  • Get them a bit
  • Get them a lot!!

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All the time. Multiple static shocks every day.

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what do you think the reason for this is?

I have this one cardi that’s a static nightmare

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She has lots of potential.

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Artificial floor and shoe sole materials, I believe.

that it isn’t it? all the statees are known cardigan wearers.

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i’m a fairly recent cardi-convert but have always had a lot of static shocks, i have a bit of a fear of them actually :smiley: i put em down to vigorously towel drying my hair and working in rooms with a lot of computer towers/racks, etc

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Absolutely worth it


It’s because you’re a cardigan wearing indie bedwetter like the rest of us.

Got a lot of old knitwear and cardigans that seem to do it. Always on the fucking water cooler near my desk. Seems to be worse in the summer for some reason.

Very very very prone.

We stayed in a hotel in Brooklyn which was very metal and I swear to god, I touched something metal in the dark and it let out actual light spark.

I was very on edge there for days. Every time I moved, I got a massive shock from something.

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it’s the worst when you know you’re gonna get them and you’re anticipating the shock!

Alright Alanis Morisette

Well I used to fear them a lot cause I worked at an office with metal handles and would get them every time I touched it. I started to smash my hand against the metal handle cause the pain of smashing my hand against the handle overshadowed the shock pain.

I used to get them every day when I’d kiss my mum on the cheek when she’d drop me off at school.

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I used to get them on the door handles at work so i started opening the doors with my fist coz the shock against my knuckles wasn’t as bad as the shock against my fingertips. Got some new shoes and stopped getting the shocks but I can’t stop opening the doors like that now

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I don’t think that’s her.

yeah i hate things that make me jump and way overreact to them, think it’s even worse when i know they’re gonna happen. shouldn’t really reveal this to the banter lads on here but things make me jump really easily. a pigeon flew up in front of me the other day and i threw coffee all over myself.