How quickly could you be at least waist deep in water from NOW!


Run out two doors, in the car, up the road, abandon car, run up incline, jump in canal. Four minutes.

Actually might be better just leaping off the bridge which is an extra 50m drive.


Run out of the office, leg it down the stairs, sprint to the canal, jump in. Reckon I could do it in two and a half minutes.


Could fill a bin with water then jump in. How long would that take to fill, 15 minutes maybe? Alternatively I could run to the Clyde (6 minutes walking according to Google maps, so let’s say 2/3 minutes running).


2 minutes to get downstairs and on my bike then cycle to the nearest river - say 10 minutes ish?


5 minutes to Carshalton ponds.


Bingham’s Pond - four minutes?


I remember watching Woking beat Carshalton many years ago.


Out of my office, down four floors and across the road to the Lee. I’d say under two minutes if I really needed to.


You do. Go!


We haven’t addressed by deathly fear of being immersed in water though so I suspect that would prevent me without some sort of ca$h bonu$.


If i sat down in the creek then 1 minute




Ok let’s settle this the mature way. Does sitting count @discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Yes definitely


Cool way to work out which DiSers have swimming pools.


You heard the robot


Less than a minute I reckon, down the stairs, out the door and into the canal


I’m never going to catch up with your thread count, am I


five minute walk to the park probably

could run I guess, but that’s not what I’m about


Walk 5 mins and jump into the sea

Can you probabaly be yhere in 2 mins if i ran