How quickly could you be at least waist deep in water from NOW!

pfft that was already after the first edit

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Depending on what’s going through it, there’s a brook at the bottom of the hill. Couple of minutes walk. If that’s not deep enough, couple of minutes drive to Bartley Reservoir.

I’m not Tory (or Australian) enough to have a swimming pool, but my neighbour is so maybe 20 seconds?

The first one was free, if you want any more they are £12.50 a pop.

There’s a Virgin Active Gym a couple of minutes from here, but I’d need to sign up first which might take a while. Probably better to jump off Hammersmith Bridge which would be about an 8 minute run at a guess.

30 seconds.

Run out of the shop across the way, and into the gym

It was surprisingly successful too, £12.50 is good value!

Im sure you could get into the pool that quickly. Are you even a member?

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I’ll just blaze straight past them and jump in the pool

Get off the bus in two minutes, brisk 10 minute walk to the pond in Gloucester park, several years to get over my fear/ intense dislike of being in water.

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I guess i’d have to go to the canal as well but it’s a bit far and i have my big boots on which hold me back so I reckon I could be there in about 20 mins?

15 minutes to the ocean.

5 minutes? Run downstairs, run to Strandvägen and jump in.

google thinks i’m 10 minutes from the clyde. half a mile downhill, reckon i could make it in under 5mins.

Steal a bike and you’ll be there in about a minute.

Run out the back door and jump in the canal.

1 minute, tops.

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