How quickly do you reckon you could get a copy of The Matrix on DVD from where you are right now?

The Matrix is a film that is seemingly available everywhere. All good entertainment stores obviously have it widely available, but supermarkets always have it in the cheap DVD section, and I always see about 6 whenever I go into a charity shop.

It would take me about 15 minutes to obtain a copy of The Matrix on DVD from where I am right now, I’d say.

Could run to Fopp and be there in about 6 mins I reckon.

Which Fopp?

I can walk to Tezbots in eight minutes so I reckon, at a push, I could run there in maybe seven and a half.

Not feeling too motivated today so probably about an hour.

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5 minutes. Plenty of charity shops here.

I’ve never actually seen The Matrix, fwiw. It’s about a guy named Theo who gets sucked into the internet by bandits, right?

The one in the Broadmarsh Centre, Nottingham, East Mids, UK.

Yes. It also was the first film to use time bullets.

About 2mins. HMV is just down the centre from us.

Do have a copy at home, but that’s about an hour away

I’m working from home, I’ve got 3 options:

  • Get a train into town and go to Fopp - this pretty much guarantees me a copy, but will take longest (about half an hour)
  • Start looking in all the nearby charity shops - it’s not a certainty that it’ll be in one, but it’s pretty likely that I’d be able to find a copy in about 20 minutes maybe?
  • Maybe there’s a copy in the flat somewhere, could pull out some of the boxes under the bed and go through them, and look through some of the wallets with loose DVDs in them - if there is a copy then this should be the quickest way, but if not I’ll probably end up having made the flat really untidy, which is a course of action I’m unwilling to commit to

I’d pick option two.

There’s a charity shop 3 doors down from me so decent chance I could get a copy within 2 minutes

On you go then.

Might check if they have it in stock during my lunch break. Not buying one though


Depends what means I am allowed to use.

There is an Amazon warehouse that I can get to in five minutes so I can enter with menaces and they are bound to have one. Not sure if they know where everything is though without an order.

However I have seen it before.


I already have it on DVD - it will be somewhere in the big wooden chest of DVDs I’m a foot or so from right now

does that count? There is a 2nd hand DVD shop about a 15/ 20 minute walk away from me if I have to buy another copy


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Get a full Ocean’s 11-style heist going on, where you plan to rob a copy of the Matrix on DVD from the Amazon warehouse. Get someone on the inside, an explosives guy, a computer hacker, all of that stuff.