How’re you feeling about the return of full capacity gigs in the UK?

Changing to the rules mean gigs and clubs can return from next week…

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Most of the gigs I go to are nowhere near capacity so fine :man_shrugging:


+200 indie points


I won’t be going to any gigs or nightclubs and I feel like this will push back the date that I do go back even further.


First gig I have tickets to is in January, and I don’t currently feel comfortable booking to see anything before then, sadly, as music as I’m desperately missing live music.

don’t have anything planned until September. looking forward to them hopefully happening. next week sounds a bit too soon.


Dont think we have to worry though coz we’ll be back in lockdown in a month.

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Actually got tickets to what I assume will be a sold out gig at the Brudenell next week.

Understand why some people feel uneasy about it, I’m personally looking forward to it. I dunno, I’ve been in some pretty rammed pubs and public transport the last few months.


I don’t think the UK will go back into lockdown but would not be surprised if a lot of restrictions will be reimposed like the use of face masks, ala Israel.

I suspect the government’s approach here in Wales will be a bit more cautious, to be honest.

But assuming for a moment that it isn’t, I’m in two minds about it. I suspect I’d be quite anxious if I did go to a gig the first time, and I think I’d want to avoid something that was full capacity to start with. On the other hand, I’ve had both jabs now, so that’s less of a risk. And if no one goes, the smaller independent venues will close for good.

It’s not an easy choice.


A million times this

I’m very uneasy about it but I am currently wfh and basically don’t go anywhere at all. My feelings might change when I am made to go back to the office in a few weeks as if I am on a crowded bus for work twice a day why deprive myself of gigs? Also double vaccinated now. Honestly don’t know. My first isn’t until November so not going to decide for a few months yet anyway.

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Had to block some covidiots but some interesting replies here Redirecting...

I’ve got a ticket to go to a club that opens at 00:01 on Monday (purchased ages ago) and I’m in two minds about it. One the one hand I am desperate to go dancing as its the thing I’ve missed the most and I am double jabbed. On the other, it feels like a super spreader event waiting to happen.


Got tickets to various outdoor things (Latitude next week, South Facing next week, Wide Awake in September) which I’m fairly chill about.

First indoor gig is September followed by ALL of my rescheduled gigs seeming to occur in November. Mixed feelings tbh tbf - the idea of being at a sweaty, frantic gig and dancing all over a bunch of people (so let’s say Pigsx7 in November) feels so alien right now, whereas standing in a room with 200 people sagely nodding along to some shoegaze feels…maybe more real? Obviously, desperate to get back out there and super worried about smaller venues never reopening - finely balanced :thinking:

I guess the real test would be going to something properly big, say Brixton Academy size - at the moment that would feel incredibly irresponsible. Don’t what the tipping point is to make stuff like that feel like normal life again :woman_shrugging:

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Got tickets for Arab Strap in early sept (feels forever ago they were booked) and have very mixed feelings. Desperate for a gig again, and desperate for an Arab strap gig as it was 20 yrs ago i last saw them. I’m double jabbed but obviously can still transmit the hell out of it. IT’s at the mill which is a decent size also.

Looking at the wider picture…it’s so needed for venues i want it to happen but also it’s scary as shit. Can’t help think of really poorly run and irresponsible gig venues also who screw over bands and punters regularly. They aren’t going to be going all out to make palaces safe, they just want to be open.

Basically, this fence is spikey!


Think the first gig I’ve got lined-up is Feet at Ramsgate Music Hall on 9th August. It’s sold out, so it will be 110 people crammed into a very small room. Honestly, I don’t have the fears that many in here have and I can’t wait to get back. From a personal perspective, I’ve never felt safer but I understand the apprehension regarding the wider society.

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The first one for me is Svalbard at the Corporation in Sheffield in September. I’ll be a bit anxious I think, won’t have been in such close proximity to strangers in a long time, but at the moment I’m keen to go. I’ll see how the relaxation of restrictions goes but right now I’m really looking forward to seeing a band live again.

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I go to maybe one a year, and it’s not until November having been rescheduled twice. I doubt it’s going to be heaving and rowdy so I’m fine with it. I am going to the theatre in August twice so that’s maybe more uncomfortable but… well, we’ll see. It’s not the best environment probably but it’s just not the same risk level as a gig.

I’m pretty relieved that my equivalent of gigs is football matches and I think that at the level my team plays it’s a pretty safe environment (outside, in a stadium with loads of open spaces - it’s not all enclosed like a major stadium; not taking public transport to get there; really only one place you could realistically be enclosed, the turnstile on your way in). Idk how much chanting is a health concern when it’s outside, people are usually fairly spaced out on a gradient, and I’ll be at the front of the crowd, but I reckon it’s fine and the mental health benefits of being back at the football - especially as my therapist is finishing my sessions next week - are more important to me