How’re you feeling about the return of full capacity gigs in the UK?

Mentioned once upthread already, but here’s a tweet / article about it.

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Also this apparently happened in Israel. Vaccinated person infects vaccinated person who infects 75 students at a party.

Regardless of if everyone at a concert is vaccinated (which realistically won’t be the case), with community transmission this high both vaccinated and unvaccinated people are going to catch it. That’s a threat to public (and global) health for multiple reasons already outlined, even if hospitalizations are down.


At the moment, a lot of the studies are inconclusive but many are promising, however many of the studies were from April and May before Delta, and some of the studies into the beta variant are more concerning.

The bigger factor is that many people have only had their first jab and scientists are fearful that this is ideal conditions to give the virus the potential to evolve to beat the vaccine.

This is worth a read

This is why I won’t be going to any gigs indoors and will be wearing a face mask at outdoor shows to protect others as well as myself.

Did you read this letter?

They’ve been doing regular summits online, here’s the most recent one

Also this podcast is a fascinating listen - what amazing women!


A festival in the Netherlands has shocked officials after 1,000 coronavirus infections were linked to the event despite requiring a “test for entry.”

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A friend of mine is going to Frank Turner tonight at the Clapham Grand, very very curious to hear his feedback.

Does anyone know, apart from asking them directly, how to find our what ventilation venues have in place?

Some interesting bits in reply to this from Nathan who runs the legendary Brudenell in Leeds

Makes me so sad to think venues have been left to find these solutions themselves.


Yes, full of admiration for people like Nathan with what they have gone through in the last 18 months but wanting to look after their customers as well as possible (can imagine these systems aren’t cheap either).


And he’s lucky that they’re also a fully functioning, popular bar with a load of outdoor seating, screens for the Euros etc that means they’ve probably not gone been hit quite as badly as some places. Would be an even bigger expenditure if you’re solely a venue and have been shut for the duration.

green man should fix this…
i don’t understand why they’re using the tent on thursday, but not the main outdoor stage. seems irresponsible. surely would’ve been just as easy. can’t think of a reason other than ‘this is how we’ve always done things’.

how quickly do can people transmit to others covid after getting it?

maybe it’s just pissing in the wind, given that tent is open the other days, but i guess that this is thursday at the start of the festival could make covid much worse.

This thread is really helpful… thanks for starting it.

I’m in a band and put on DIY gigs so obviously over the past few months have been asked to play stuff and to put on stuff.

As a performer our first gig since pre-Pandemic was on Saturday. It was a private party, capped at 30 in a big room with three double doors leading outside. Our next show is meant to be an instore gig (again, capped at 30) on the 31st July - but this has been cancelled/rescheduled to the 11th September because the promoter is currently isolating etc and cases are shooting up.

The next thing in the diary is a show I’m pencilled in to be putting on on 28th August. I’ve not properly announced it yet so can easily cancel. I guess my thinking is, I probably should cancel this. And even if I don’t cases will be so rampant that it might get cancelled anyway due to staffing/isolation etc. And even if it goes ahead the no. of punters will be very very low anyway (not that that matters much to me).

Should probably point out I’m in Plymouth where cases are higher than they ever have been.

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It’s after the date when double jabbed people don’t have to isolate so staffing might not be a problem by then

Ah, ok, good shout

All points east confirmed to be going ahead and they’re increasing capacity

In case this applies to you or anyone you know

Will be interested to see people’s stories of gig attendance, and how they went, as time goes on.

My next music event is a day at the Victorious Festival in Portsmouth at the end of August, and I don’t know how I feel about it. Only a week away from the last day I can cancel my hotel and get a refund.

Interesting to see stories about majority of people still wearing face masks in supermarkets and shops so I’d hope this filters through to gigs as well

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I was in the supermarket in South West London this morning and it was 50\50 mask wearing.

Bollocks (as in “oh shit”)

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:frowning: Like it’s been for weeks in London anyway, then (well in east London certainly)

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