How’re you feeling about the return of full capacity gigs in the UK?

My wife just been to a supermarket in Surrey and reckons 90% still wearing masks which is good to see. Hopefully translates to gigs…

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"By the end of September everyone aged 18 and over will have the chance to receive full vaccination and the additional two weeks for that protection to really take hold.

At that point we make full vaccination a condition of entry to nightclubs and other venues where large crowds gather."

Here we go…sounds sensible

But not for pubs, at least at the moment. This is where it will get messy as there often isn’t a clear demarcation between Pubs / Music Venues / Nightclubs.

Hopefully it will be based on capacity. As someone who puts on small capacity gigs and often does the door to keep costs down, not looking forward to having to check vaccination status in addition to tickets. What about those who can’t get vaccinated because of other medical issues?

It’s very difficult to do for anything other than a place with existing ticketing or security-on-the-door infrastructure, so I imagine it’ll be just based on capacity and if it’s some sort of event.

It’s unrealistic for it to be implemented in pubs (or restaurants) – I think of all my mates who work in hospitality and there’s absolutely no way they’d be able to check the status of everyone who walks through the door and do their job. It’d go out of the window very quickly.

(Also the Tories mooted the pub idea a few months ago and the backlash online was huge, so I think it’d never be done for that reason alone)

Not going to say much more about my personal views on this as I seem to disagree with a lot of people (which is fine).

However I did think I would share this video from the CDC director today which emphasises that the vaccines work even against the “Delta variant”. The message in the US seems to be get vaccinated and you can get on with your life as you are protected. The UK government messaging seems more muddled in comparison.

Whilst this is an issue, surely it would be irresponsible for these immunosuppressed people to go into crowded spaces during a pandemic? I know 2 people in this position and they’re not going to supermarkets and clubs definitely aren’t on their agenda.

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Attending will be incredibly dangerous and unrealistic for them, which is a big part of why it’s so important to aim to eliminate community transmission as best we can instead of prematurely reopening. Immunocompromised people will be cut off from society if we don’t.


Studio 9294 (where the A Love Parasite festival is being held this Saturday) has made it obligatory to have done a PCR test on the day to be allowed in

I’m absolutely fine with this tbh. i think this could work for events like this- might be more difficult for smaller shows though. Hopefully it won’t cause too many queues to get in, fingers crossed.

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What’s the going rate for a PCR test where you are? I had to get one to go to Spain recently and it was pretty much €100

Unavoidable for the trip abroad but not really gig-friendly pricing

just realised I’ve done a Vallance

meant LFT rather than PCR

PCR wouldn’t be workable at all for this kind of show


Also a PCR usually takes longer than a few hours (took 36 hours to get mine after I was pinged).

Lateral flow tests are not as accurate, especially as they’re usually self administered

It must make a big difference though. I would feel a lot safer if everyone had done a lateral test for a gig Hopefully testing tech will become easier and better as times go on.

Have started a new thread to find out where everyone is at - especially keen to hear from people who’ve been to shows Anyone else feeling incredibly conflicted about the return of live music?

Edit wrong thread

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I was thinking more about how you manage that on the door of a venue. If someone says they can’t get vaccinated because of a medical issue, is it down to the venue to refuse them entry.

They’ll have to use an exemption passport I would have thought within the same app? So it either confirms double vaccination or exemption. Then “enter at your own risk” similar to strobe lighting with epilepsy.

Quite like to go to a gig. But a small one.

New cases increased by 83% to 649 in the week to 29 July, giving the area England’s highest infection rate of 654 per 100,000 people.