How resistant to change are you?


inspired by the fact that i’ve just gone into the gents at work and discovered they’ve replaced the previous “full roll on a handle” toilet roll dispenser with this shitstorm

i found myself unreasonably irked by this change, it only dispenses one super-thin sheet at a time and has also been placed at an unfathomable height making it awkward to access whilst sitting down

i should just embrace the change eh?




This thread has gone well


Shall I liven it up with a cracking joke?

Very if they just give me coppers!!!


should’ve just let it die as a zero-replier, worse than that you’ve come back to mock me…


Not very, I once paid for a McDonalds double cheeseburger entirely in 1p coins


this is worse than @Balonz effort, get the fuck out



You are Scottish aren’t you? @epimer sort of too maybe? The other Scots have failed me. Can you shed any light on ‘Onchibar’ (on-key-bar) which I think is form Naked Video?


u wot pal


Fucking hell. Why are so many of you people pretending to be Scottish?

Couple of sitcoms you won't have thought about for a while that weren't on that long ago


I didn’t notice that as I thought he was talking about the police


As a scot I can confirm that this is a common thing in scot land


sorry mate i don’t speak english


Naked Video is a BBC Scotland sketch show that was aired on BBC Two from 12 May 1986 to 18 November 1991.

There’s your problem. I’m at least 10 years too young for this reference.


I didn’t watch it… well not until the end. No human from 30-60 knows it but I can’t have made it up.


Calm down grandad


Fuck off, sassenach


Thread’s gone better.


I’m closing the thread… For an hour