how rough was the town you grew up in?

i’d guess that ours was maybe about a 6/10, with 1 being idyllic small village where no one bothers locking their front door and 10/10 being 1970’s NYC

there was a police curfew implemented at one point during my teenage years with mounted police on the streets of one of the estates to try and deal with gangs, remember going to play five a side one night and there were mounted police and helicopters everywhere. people being shot in the legs happened on the regular for a while too as a few families fought it out for the drug trade

oh and a guy i was in primary school used to boast about his dad being “in the ra”, we all presumed it was absolute shite till about 5 years later his dad was arrested for running a huge cannabis factory for the IRA

let’s keep this light if at all possible btw…:grinning:

Provincial town with the usual amount of scrotes hanging around looking for fights every Friday and Saturday night. Ended up in about four or five scraps from the ages of 17-21 or so.

Not especially rough really but the sort of nonsense, silly roughness that you don’t see when you get to a proper city.

Really gentle

Not great

1/10, but I didn’t think it was idyllic.

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god bless north lanarkshire


2 or 3/10

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Luton in the 1980s. 5/10 for me cos I’m white and it was mostly just down to the shit economy, but probs a 9/10 for anyone Asian at the time.

taps sign

I do love a bit of DiS banter, but it feels a bit inappropriate for talking about a time where the NF would do regular marches through the town

Whoops sorry

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Fair enough.

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Dunno. Not very. Is tough likelihood of being involve in violence? I think people overestimate due to other factors.

nae bother pal, now you can make up for it with a light-hearted anecdote about you getting into a few scraps but it making you the man you are today…

For mine I’d probably say about 5/10 for most folk, rising to 9.5/10 if you’re dressed like Santa.


Someone once threatened that they were gonna spark me out with a tin of corned beef, and then pulled a tin of corned beef from his pocket and tried to hit me with it


i guess so aye, can you explain what you mean by your last sentence?

Average decaying seaside town. Quite a lot of lairy tourists, extremely commonplace drunken pub brawls, bleak/ general rough fairground area. But also vast swathes of untouched wilderness so as rough as it could be you could also avoid people completely.

Feel less safe there than in London tbh, it’s more like the wild west in that someone will bother you out of boredom, but it’s less serious crime.