How’s it going boss?



Hey Jordan what’s up?


Nothing much JJ, yourself?


I am stuck in Bunnik, otherwise fine


Lying in bed listening to the TV give an online presentation (he’s working from home). I’ve put on so much weight recently, got any weight loss tips? Also, is this the evening thread?


Ay up me duck.

Ow do youth?


Online presentation from home is full powered wfh


Oh because all the trains are down?


Yeah I know, and he works with a team in SF so everything is always in the evenings yawn it’s like I get back from work and my day restarts


Yup. All of them. Spent quite a while in denial, “surely there’s another way”. By the time I realised there wasn’t, most people had gone home already.


That’s the worst. If you’re going to work with people in other countries it’s always best when they’re in the east #timezonechat


Just less carbs . I’ve been shit since Dec at this due to comfort eating cos of me gran dying and work/exam stress. Had lost 1.5 stone from Jul-Dec…


Aw man. You staying the night there then?


Yeah mustn’t grumble, Jordan, mustn’t grumble. Can’t believe it’s only Thursday


Yeah, I used to work a lot with middle eastern countries, after 2pm I was basically done for the day


As someone who loves the feeling of being full, what’s worked best for me in the past is just eating shit loads of vegetables all of the time. Getting full but lower calories.


Sorry to hear that Jordan.

Everyone says this but I love carbs.


Yeah, staying in a hostel. Went to Albert Hijn to try and buy some undercrackers for tomorrow but they don’t sell them. Sold socks though, so that’s something at least.


Yeah, at the moment I’m just trying to eat a lot of soup, but I’m eating bread along with it…


I’ve just ordered dinner and went for the carbiest option. Didn’t care what it was, just wanted the carborettas.