How’s it going boss?

Nothing much JJ, yourself?

I am stuck in Bunnik, otherwise fine

Ay up me duck.

Ow do youth?

Online presentation from home is full powered wfh

Yup. All of them. Spent quite a while in denial, “surely there’s another way”. By the time I realised there wasn’t, most people had gone home already.

That’s the worst. If you’re going to work with people in other countries it’s always best when they’re in the east #timezonechat

Just less carbs . I’ve been shit since Dec at this due to comfort eating cos of me gran dying and work/exam stress. Had lost 1.5 stone from Jul-Dec…

Yeah mustn’t grumble, Jordan, mustn’t grumble. Can’t believe it’s only Thursday

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As someone who loves the feeling of being full, what’s worked best for me in the past is just eating shit loads of vegetables all of the time. Getting full but lower calories.

Yeah, staying in a hostel. Went to Albert Hijn to try and buy some undercrackers for tomorrow but they don’t sell them. Sold socks though, so that’s something at least.

I’ve just ordered dinner and went for the carbiest option. Didn’t care what it was, just wanted the carborettas.

That’s plan A, but I’m going to meet some comedy people in Eindhoven after work tomorrow and staying there the night. That’s three days wear!

This is now the maosm and ghostpony conversation thread


None of them had many carbs though, ended up ordering steak as that’s the most likely to have some sort of unexpected carb bonus.

I did! Closed at 6 though. Bunnik is too small.

Other than this thread

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You can if you like CCB - no-one here’s going to think worse of you for it…


I’m actually in pretty good spirits. Wasn’t looking forward to today but I nailed all the difficult appointments I had. And I’ve got chilli for tea, and the weather is looking decent for a walk on Saturday.


Woke me up last night

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