How’s the festival of Brexit going?

They rebadged it as Unboxed last October

I just spent an hour seeing what the culture secretary and Brexit opportunities minister have been saying about it and couldn’t find anything. Nor anything from prominent brexiteers like Steve Baker

Anyone attended any of the events? Or seen any coverage?

Had some positive feedback to my Twitter thread

Also this

I’ve got tickets to see DreamMachine in June. I had absolutely no idea it was anything to do with BrexStock.

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Seems to be intentional that they’ve removed any mention of Brexit.

Is PoliNation the plastic tree thing? Assumed that was coming to town as something to do with the Commonwealth games. Expected anything to do with Brexit would be flag shagging stuff.

Looks like it Explore | UNBOXED

Odd choice of front page


There was a DCMS committee report on the government’s events strategy back in March that was particularly scathing about Unboxed.

It said: “The Government and organisers have great ambitions for this year’s “festival of creativity”, Unboxed: Creativity in the UK, but have thus far failed to communicate a compelling vision for it to the British public, or to develop a meaningful plan for touring it internationally. With so little time to go before the festival’s programme begins, we seriously question whether it will deliver return on the £120 million investment for the public purse or simply prove its sceptics right.”


It’s going to be expensive, crap, and no one will be happy with it. So, the perfect brexit metaphor.


Attempting the old Homer bait and switch, eh? Classic.



We can’t go on together
With zero curious minds


Have Colonel Mustard and the Dijon 5 been announced yet?

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I’d love to see tour de moon at the Hackney Pedro youth club!

‘Celebrate the relationship between the earth and the moon through talks, cinema, music and games’ wow, sounds wicked!

Saw ‘Tour de Moon’ mentioned somewhere the other day and looked it up. Still don’t understand what it is.
Just look at the glamour spots it’s visiting though!

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moon convoy! MOOON COOONVOY

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This is just a squaddie tour of military bases then?

No it’s a celebration of the relationship between the earth and the moon through talks, cinema, music and games

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