How’s your back?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 9 10

today it’s about a 7. I don’t get much more than an 8 any more these days

a few days ago it was 2.5 - I lunged around a corner to stop my youngest from spraying everyone with the hose - paracetamol and ibuprofen did not touch it. Some of the exercises I did to help really took my breath away, but they worked :slight_smile:

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What sort of exercises helped you please?

Not had any complaints.


Bit worried all this WFH is going to do some real damage to my back.

it’s OK at the moment actually.

I think my extensive exercise regime (playing Ring Fit Adventure on the Switch) is helping cos I get to do a bit of stretching and stuff that is good for it, plus my desk and chair at home for wfh seems to suit me better than those in the office.

watch me completely put my back out over the weekend now I’ve said that

DISCLAIMER: use at your own risk
plus another one M told me about when her back had been bad (good for one sided pain, mine is lower left) - stand with left side facing a wall, about shoulder distance from the wall. Lean on the wall at the shoulder and push your hips towards the wall. Would recommend doing your own research on that one as I think it could do more damage than good.


Was 3 at the start of lockdown but it’s now an 8, pretty decent. My neck has gone the opposite way. I’ll be honest, I’m worried about my crack.

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hurts a bit but relatively ok at the moment. every year it’s alright-ish in summer / early autumn and then starts to hurt in winter. worried this winter will be even worse given all the WFH.

also it’s been hurting more in the evenings as my meds start to wear off

Do you have a cat?

No I do not

Have you ever gotten a child to pop your back, I got my cousin’s daughter to stand on it and it works, it felt good. I made her put a towel down though and she got offended

It has the opposite effect when a 4 yo leaps on you with his knees up though :cry:


I’d say mine was an 8 or 9. It seems that everyone I know has had some kind of back problems, from bad posture to sciatica or worse, but miraculously I’ve never had any issues.

Most of back: fine, 9
Neck: totally fucked, 3

My boyfriend sometimes makes me stand on his back and I don’t like it in case I break him

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was off for a week a few weeks ago from my more physical job with a bad back.
Just today my neck and shoulders are in a lot of pain.
In short, not good! thanks!

I’m glad you asked because it’s absolutely fucked at the moment and I’ve taken painkillers as it was spasming :cry: I have been doing workouts from home and the V leg raises did it.

just moved a bookcase from one room to another, it was heavier than i remembered it being and i twisted with the weight on my back not my knees like some kind of fucking lifting n00b

It was becoming a 4-5 from working at home but now I’m in the office 3 days a week (my choice) it’s starting to feel more like a 7-8 :heart: