How’s your back?

i crack my neck way too much and i think it’s a cause of some problems atm. some doctor man on youtube says if you try really hard not to do it for a few days you should find the urge start to disappear. not fully convinced given how long i’ve been doing it but will give it a go.

went to the doctor last year about RSI and stuff with my hand and she got me to move my neck a bit and then said i don’t seem to have full range of movement in it. but she sent me to get it x-rayed and the x-ray came back as fine? hmm.


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I’ve been to a chiropractor for the last few weeks and going back tomorrow. It’s 35 quid a time so not cheap but it’s been enlightening and seems to have helped. They’re more like full body physios and seemed clairvoyant in their diagnoses of problems in my legs and feet.

They do a lot of massage and then at the end they do the Hollywood cracking and sharp movements. Good stuff imo

lower back is a bit hmm because slouching


how about knees?

my knees have been a bit hmm lately - the connective tissue at the top/front complaining, and the inner side bit near the top of one knee

what’s that about

I went to the gp about my knees a few years ago cause they felt like the had knives in them. She said it’s almost always ligament or muscular issues that cause it. She told me to do the simplest of stretches twice a day and it worked.

It was just the straight leg raises from this article.

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That’s what my wife said, but it was genuinely impressive. He was feeling the tendons and ligaments under the right side of my knee and asked if I felt like I was going over on my ankles quite a bit on my right foot. And I was going over on my ankle loads.

This is very much in my interests.

Who would have thought that dragging a massive body around a couple of runs a day would be painful on the knees?

kinda wanna go to a chiropractor just for the ASMR, bet itd be amazing

I fucked it today, real stupid. I went to the gym afterwards and overdid it, I can feel a twinge in my back that wasn’t there this morning. I feel an absolute prize clown

i’m no clairvoyant but i see pain in your future

With that attitude you could be my new chiropractor

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I’ve got pain in my lower back, mainly on the left-hand side. Was worried for ages that it was something to do with my kidneys but the doc said it’s fine. I’ve been resting it for ages, no intensive exercise, nothing too strenuous, and it still hurts. Fuck getting old(er).

Absolute wreck from all the baby/toddler manoeuvring. Same with my knees. 9 years of abusing them with climbing and this is what’s actually broken me…

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Had a scan for on my kidneys yesterday so hopefu9be getting treatment soon

Hello everyone! After months of slight twinges and pains I am now officially on team shittyback. Can anyone recommend a chair support cushion thing? Are those wirey plastic ones you always see in offices actually the best for sitting for long periods or are they just cheap? Should I fork out for some memory foam thing instead? Any advice while I wait for the doctor to call back and hopefully confirm I don’t have some kind of Spine Plague would be great.

always quite bad. doing exercise always helps.