How’s your posture?

Mine is awful. Think I have an anterior pelvic tilt. Trying to sort it but I forget and end up slumped and hunched again.

Tell me about yours.

Historically dreadful. But I’m working on it. I feel really odd when I’m being straight upward, though, so it’s hard to maintain.


So terrible now I’m working from home, just been working from the dining room table. Actually feel like I’ve got a trapped nerve in my neck because of it. Started stretching again now so hopefully get it back to what it was

I’ve spent over a year working chiefly from my bed. My posture is a fucking disaster.

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I also have the pelvic tilt thing

posture is better than it used to be, but damn, I wish slouching wasn’t so appealing

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I also have pelvic tilt thing and an S shaped spine, I basically look like this


Quite good. Used to get a knuckle between the shoulder blades if we slouched as kids so now have quite good bearing.

I have scoliosis and kyphosis, as well as recurring sciatica, so not good.

2 plus years of Pilates to help with back pain and posture and still have this issue.

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well shit. think i’ve improved it a bit since having babby, coz i pulled a muscle in my back when he was about 2 months or something and realised it was from picking him up and putting him down and carrying him around and not standing straight and not lifting properly. serious business

S ← Like that

And got sciatica too.

Yoga helps but i only be arsed to do it a couple of tines a week.

Oh shrewbie already took the S, mines like a backwards C then.

dunno, how can you tell?



Shite - chronic lower back pain which can be weapons-grade unpleasant. Better than it used to be since I started doing physio and yoga, but part of my thinks my skeleton is just a bit of an odd shape.


Terrible in a word.

I have flat feet which went uncorrected/untreated for years (my own, stubborn fault) - I now wear insoles and a hypermobile knee which in combination has caused bursitis in my right hip and all this has thrown my posture all off…

live feed of me sat at my computer


like this post if seeing this thread made you sit up properly