How sensitive are you to caffeine?

  • Very
  • Quite
  • Average
  • Quite insensitive
  • Very insensitive

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I think most of the high street coffees take the absolute piss to be honest, instant anxiety and no chance of sleep.


One coffee around 9 and there’s a 70% chance i’ll find it really difficult to get to sleep.

Had one this morning and still bubblin’

Actually think 1 coffee from a machine is bordering on being too much for me. Ive gone back to lovely instant coffee (2 a day max but usually between 0 and 1).

  • They’ve increased the caffeine since about 2010
  • No it’s your absolutely fucked liver

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I don’t think these ‘independent’ sludge coffees can be good for anyone tho.

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years ago me and a mate would play a game on the way to work. Have a really strong coffee then smoke a malboro red on the walk in and see who could make it to work without shitting themselves.


drink 6-8 coffees a day and live in a hyper sensitive state where i flinch at the slightest thing.

If i touch a drop after 4pm i wont sleep.

Not at all. I had a panic attack earlier and got an iced coffee to calm myself down.
My caffeine consumption is absolutely foul


aarghh. Hope you’re doing ok now mate.


Don’t believe that, pal.

About three I reckon.

Americanos in espresso cups, probably

It changes every day, I have no idea why. Sometimes it’ll give me a pulse and other times I’ll instantly get more tired.

I only have one cup of coffee early in the morning. Sometimes I think it contributes to my sleeping / anxiety issues, but then I’ll take a 1 to 2 month break from all caffeine and everything’s just as bad if not worse.

Thanks! Grand now, sat on the curb and dry heaved into a drain and then cracked on with my day :smiley:


Lidls can do that to you to be fair.

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Had to cut down years ago cos i was drinking one of those massive Starbucks ones on the way to work, then drinking instant throughout the day. Kept falling asleep at my desk in the afternoon and getting heart palpitations.

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Mmm, coffee.


I’m the daughter of a man who drank 8+ cups of (sludgelike instant) coffee a day and slept just fine.

I have two cups of coffee a day - one when I get up and one around teatime. The first one has no impact on my mood at all, absolutely flushes the ol’ bowels out, though. The evening one does seem to make me a little bit wavy - just a sort of pleasant mania I guess. If I have a third cup I won’t get to sleep until 3am at least.

2 sludge double espressos in the morning now and then done. Dont touch the stuff after midday (mostly)