How soon after release can an album be fully canonised as an all-time classic undisputed 10/10 masterpiece


Cause I think it’s about that time for To Pimp a Butterfly


Never. Nothing’s “undisputed”. There’s always one.


yes, the best of the beatles


all time classic undisputed 10/10 masterpiece status can only be awarded at the end of a decade.


Think GKMC had it nailed on release. TPAB maybe had a few more people who didn’t get it at first but I’d say it’s in the bag now too.


TPAB will definitely go down as the better of the two over time, both are utterly brilliant and arguably the 2 best albums released by anyone this decade though obvs.


I felt this way about Yeezus by halfway through my first listen and I stand by it now


10 year anniversary I reckon


depends how much you listen to it in that time


back when I actually paid attention to his Channel, The Needle Drop brought this idea up, and he was saying at least 5 years.

I think it can be a case by case, but more or less once an era or generation/sub-generation has passed.

A Decade is not a bad amount of time.

So if you consider 10 years, than anything from 2007 or older.

Stuff like

Kaddisfly - Set Sail the Prairie comes to mind from 10 years ago.

Apes and Androids - Blood Moon in 2018 would probably make sense, as I still love it to death and consider it somewhat timeless.


I’ve properly gone off TPAB. I sort of liked it at first and was hopeful it would grow on me, but it just didn’t at all. agree about GKMC though


And then you heard the second half where he just raps about how much he loves the vagina?


weirdly think good kid has already dated quite badly and i probably wouldn’t consider it a classic anymore


do you mean the second half of his years on earth?


I prefer TPAB, personally, but that comment is mental, eric.


I love Kenny L but for the life of me can’t get on board with GKMC. I return to it every now and again to check, but it just won’t click.


However long it’s been since


Read the OP for the love of god man


I did, I was agreeing with you.


I read a pretty good article which looked at historic ‘end of year’ lists and how records that were loved don’t always stand up to time. Which makes sense. But more importantly how records almost ignored grow in stature. And all relatively recent stuff as well.

Will try to dig it out.