How spoiled and lazy has tech made you?

I realised that I really can’t be bothered with the faff of watching a DVD anymore.

I’m pretty much at the point where if I can’t stream it I won’t watch it.

And hooking my laptop up to the TV? Fuck off.

Thinking of binning all my DVDs. If it’s not on a streaming service: meh, I’ll watch something else.

Finally sacked off hand washing my clothes and whacking them through a mangle.


I did this. Amazing the amount of space it frees up.


Yeah that’s the main motivation. Unfortunately my board games take up about ten times as much space as the DVDs, so it’s pissing in the wind.

Remember when dvds first came out, special features and commentaries were a selling point, now it is unlikely I will even finish watching a film I buy. Can’t even remember what it feels like to actually enjoy concentrating on something for such a length of time

instead of having had to cultivate a number of vines in the difficulty of a pre-global warming climate in order to eat a mix of black currants, red currents blackberries and grapes, I simply trotted over one of my many freezers to find them in a bag.

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nt @ al

If I don’t buy the digital version of a game on my Switch, unless it is excellent and permanently in the machine, I pretty much won’t play it because I can’t be doing with changing cartridges.

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Remember checking the special features on DVDs and being greeted by:

  • Interactive menus
  • Scene selection

How about FO,M…

That said, I’d still rather watch something on DVD than stream it. Feels more formal and I am therefore more likely to concentrate on it properly :+1:

Just get a bottle of 'bena you busy fool!

no way I;m getting rid of my DVDs - still buy a fair few 2nd hand ones

not everything is on the streaming sites, and even things that are disappear again. I need to be able to watch my faves when I want to

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I was a relatively late adopter to DVD’s, felt like vhs was good enough, then came up with a rule of only dvd if the film does not predate DVD’s, by the time I was fully onboard plentiful special features were the norm

genuinely get sad from time to time that I will probably never taste the 'bena of my childhood (i.e. not ruined by sweeteners) ever again

I am a Light man and my wife is the opposite (although I’m fat and she isn’t so what do you know). She has one small bottle of her childhood nectar left. She also has a limited B&Js (cappuccino or something). I reckon she is going to leave them to go bad.

as if you can drink frozen cordial.

You indolent bastard.

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Can’t be fucked to like this

I feel you, brother.

Still, I can see you smiling on the web cam so that’s enough for me.