How squeamish are you?



I could faint with squeamishness, haven’t actually but have come very close on several occasions.


I watched ER as a kid and as such am desensitised to gore.


When it comes to bones and joints, very.


I think I stayed away from it because of squeamishness.


a right wimp in real life but on tv./films not at all, unless it involves eyes or things going into eyes. fuck that. Don’t even like looking at eyes up close. julia’s eyes was a struggle


I think I’m pretty unsqueamish, but haven’t seen many really grim wounds or whatever tbh


Needles can get to fuck. Just felt very slightly faint just thinking about it.

Also I’ve got a bit of a thing about knives too, if anyone gestures with a knife or passes it to me blade first or generally holds it with the blade pointing out while not cutting something, can’t really handle it.


Not at all.


Wildly swing back and forth between being very squeamish and not at all.


Not really, but there are some specific things that do make me feel pretty horrible Basically anything to do with eyes, touching eyes and my nightmare is the opening of Un Chien Andalou


Also as I said earlier my mum worked at A&E when I was little. The job interview was mostly being shown photos of gruesome injuries to see if she flinched.


There’s a passage in the (excellent) book ‘My Name Is Red’ where one of the manuscript illustrators thinks he can take a shortcut to being an Old Master by deliberately blinding himself with a hair pin. It describes in detail what he does, from a first-person perspective.

I was reading it on the tube, and had to dash out onto the next platform to have a sit down as I nearly fainted reading it.


Yeah another vote for eyes. We’ve got this sharp serrated knife at home with a yellow handle and if my wife ever wants me to shut up she just goes “YELLOW KNIFE YELLOW KNIFE” as a call back to the time she told me she had a dream where she sliced her eyeball open with the yellow knife and I almost broke down and cried at the thought.


My GF’s got really bad eye-squeamishness, to the point that she accidentally walked into the bathroom while I was putting in a contact lens and nearly cried. The drill-bucket scene in the brother faith simpsons episode really did a number on her


Have a story that will horrify people who hate eye stuff.

There was a girl in my class at junior school whose dad was a butcher. He had a tendency to donate animal organs to the school every time we were learning about them, so we could see the real thing. She brought in an eye for the teacher to cut up one day, but the borrowed knife from the school kitchen wasn’t really sharp enough, and the animal eye ended up kind of bursting everywere.


the same guy from the story I told about the scaff pole in the carrying big things thread once ate a pig’s eyeball whole, on stage for charity (might’ve been the same night can’t remember, the man has cooked a lot of pigs)


As a vegetarian I feel like this all just meat.


not squeamish in real life - seen operations, had various medical stuff happen and done some firstaid so i’m ok with that kind of stuff, but i find it really difficult to watch nasty sports injuries on youtube/gifs etc. something about the actual injury occurring and seeing a break/dislocation is nasty.

and obviously there’s a whole world of dark stuff on the internet that I just won’t get involved with.


See, for me that’s not too bad, as it’s disembodied. My squeamishness stops when things become ‘offal’

Blood also doesn’t bother me as I once put my textile arts skills to work giving myself 5 stitches in my ankle. Amazingly didn’t go septic (but it is not a neat scar)

As mentioned in the glasses thread, my friend reused some dirty one day contacts and gave himself a parasite, and didn’t realise the problem for too long and it got worse and worse. I went to visit him in hospital and I had to say to him that with all due respect I was there for him but couldn’t look in to his eye (he wore a patch most of the time, but when he took it off it was full zombie)


Not really! Only on a few things…

Porous looking things. I saw this toad that gives birth out of its back years ago. Can’t seem to get the image out of my head. Also I saw someone with enlarged tonsils that reminded me of the toad.

Squeezing spots. Those videos on Facebook that come up “This guy had a spot for 10 YEARS, See what happens when he squeezed it for the first time! CHECK IT OUT!” Fuck right off!

@Jeremys_Iron But…but that helicopter scene (the first one) Oh my crikey. I was screaming around the living room for an hour after that.