How stingy are you?

I’m extravagantly generous, just ask anyone.

I bet you lot are well stingy though.

  • I’m well stingy, saps. Let me tell you how.
  • I’m also stingy, probably stingier than the ones ticking the other option. Check below for details.

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I knew there’d be one.

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Depends on my mood, but generally I’d say I’m generous. Much more than @saps

Save it for the “I’m well generous thread” that @chadders may or may not start later.

is it the afternoon of… chadders?!

I’m generous but frugal, if that makes sense.


It’s always chadderstime in my world.


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I play bass but I’m not really into tantric sex, so about 50%?


I’m frugal and stingy, but only when spending money on myself. I’ll starve myself for 90 minutes because I can buy Boots sandwiches after 3pm for 50p.


This is the stuff I was after.

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I’m way too generous when I’m drunk/on pills.

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I’m 44 and still haven’t learned that after a couple of drinks EVERYTHING seems like a great idea.