How strong are you? 💪

Physically speaking, on a scale of 0-10

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No judging or anything, just haven’t made a poll in a day or so and I was getting withdrawal symptoms.

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Legs - 11/10
Arms - 6/10

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a walking t rex


So just a t-rex then?


Being right-handed, my right arm (Truth) is stronger than my left arm (Justice)

I reckon 8/10. I’m pretty large so got a lot of weight to throw behind things but have always thought I was a bit weedy, but can comfortably lift full beer casks etc around and shifted a piano a little while ago with my brother in law plus had to do a lot of manual labour in my old job so realised I’m actually quite strong. Calves are quite strong too actually, mainly from walking up and down stairs a lot.

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In terms of strength to weight ratio I’d say I’m pretty strong. Frequent manual labour from an early age including a long stint in pubs built it up. Being a musician on top of that added to it, always carrying amps or PA equipment.

Both of my brothers are the same, as are my Dad and his brothers. Just a family of wiry bald men.

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Ripped as mate


Apparently surprisingly so, given that I look like some noodles attached to a potato, and yet I can lift quite large items without much hassle. I think I’m just lucky with the mechanism of how my body works in terms of this, like my ratios must just work out okay or something because I have no muscles.


Maybe you should enter some competitions.

More or less a superhero

Reckon I’m about a 6 or 7 when compared to every other human, but about a 3 when compared to people of similar height and size

Not that strong at all, grip strength is pathetic but my legs are ok. Never broke a bone despite falling all the time so my bones are good, very proud of them


Not very, really need to work on that.


the average child is capable of beating me up

Maybe the strongest man alive. We’ll never know.


Go on world’s strongest man, I double dare you.

I’ve got a lot on!

Too late, I’ve applied for you, someone will be round soon in a van to collect you.