How subservient are you?


aka are you a push over?




Yes I am


Absolutely Meo. What can I do for you?


If you say so.


not in the slightest BUT i am sometimes deliberately so as not to be too overwhelming a person


Epimer has done a huge shit in the toilet and he refuses to clean up after himself so can you get it?


Varies in direct proportion to how important I consider the matter at hand to be. Unimportant? Total pushover. Important? Nah I’m standing my ground.


Ummm… uh…

mumble mumble mumble


This is a gross misrepresentation of my very clearly stated position.


total doormat mate


But fair.

You’re refusing to do it.




It depends if I think that I’m right. I’m definitely getting more stubborn the older I get but I put that down to having more courage in my convictions.


I am incredibly stubborn and will kick up a fuss and double down on whatever jerk position I’ve taken. Usually realise what a dick I’ve been and cave later but pretend that was what I was going to do all along and the other person was being unreasonable for thinking I wasn’t going to.


It’s a social convention to cover up your penis in public but you’re not opposing to that one are you


yep, I’m a total pushover


please don’t encourage him to think differently


So much this. I used to be a dreadful pushover, but then some self assurance began to kick in in my mid twenties.


I’m not opposing anything, I’m saying I don’t understand why it’s a problem (but will continue to do the socially conventional thing anyway). Life is mostly a bunch of rules I don’t really understand but obey anyway.