How superstitious are you?

Do you believe in the power of a curse?

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A bit, it’s all inherited

Curses are absolutely real if you a) know that somebody has “cursed” you and b) allow that knowledge to negatively affect your life or your framing of things that happen to you.

But no, I’m not superstitious.

Acknowledge solo magpies because that’s just polite. Also won’t walk under ladders because, well that seems self evident.

Quite, yes.

I’m a weird combination of quite superstitious but not actually believing it

I’m terrified of ghosts but don’t actually believe in ghosts, that kind of thing

So no I don’t literally believe in curses but if someone cursed me I’d be scared


i have a bit of this. i don’t consciously believe in superstitions whatsoever, but if i’m imagining something terrible happening i will always touch wood to make sure it doesn’t happen for real. if there is no wood around i will momentarily feel a little bit worried (until i get distracted and forget about it). very weird because obviously i know touching wood/knocking on wood has no effect whatsoever on the universe (that’s the impression that i get)

picked it up from my mum at a young age, except my mum does it fairly lightheartedly


I touch my head if there’s no wood around. I often get worried even if i have found some actual wood that it wasnt real wood so touch my head as well.

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Very. Writing’s on the wall.


not superstitious but i am a little stitious

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If I spill salt I pick a bit up with my right hand and throw it over my left shoulder to hit the devil in the eye, because that’s what my nan taught me to do when I was a child. I love the thought of how many generations that’s been passed down, although it would also be quite funny if my nan just made it up.

Yes it’s 100% real



Nearly pissed myself once because I’d convinced myself If I moved the opposition would score.

Was in goal but still

Used to make little challenges with myself when I was a kid like if I couldn’t race to the door in 3 seconds then my soul would be damned to hell for all eternity or if I don’t beat this level in Sonic then I’ll never find true love. Definitely lost quite a few so I think in order to remain my usual cheerful self I have to remain without superstition.

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It’s no wonder he’s always in such a bad mood with that going on

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  • I touch wood whenever and wherever appropriate
  • I’ve never had to knock on wood

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  • I purposefully avoid 3 manhole covers in a row
  • This foolish behaviour actually ends up pushing people in the way of on coming cars

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Can’t believe there aren’t more superstitious people in here