How superstitious are you?

This is the sixth in a weekly series where I, Jonathan Frakes, ask the Drowned In Sound community questions taken from the show Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction which I hosted from 1998 - 2002.


How superstitious are you?
  • Extremely superstitious
  • Very superstitious
  • Quite superstitious
  • A little superstitious
  • Not superstitious at all

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Are there any particular superstitions that you believe, or live your life by? Let us know in the comments.

Heres one I have. If I’m walking along the pavement, and there’s no parked car between me and the cars passing on the road, then while the car on the road drives past parallel to me, I scrunch my toes, as a symbolic gesture of jumping over the car. If there’s a parked car between us though, I don’t need to do this as the parked car protects me.



Not supersticious, just a little stitious.


Never been taken in by that nonsense and never will, touch wood.



Only ever walk over two-drains, not one-drain or three-drains.

oh wait, that’s not how it goes. Just listening now. He actually shouts IIIIIIIIIIIIII

Only just realised.

Not hugely superstitious, just a couple of things I can think of.

For instance, If I see a Magpie on it’s own, I will always salute and say “Morning/Afternoon Mr Magpie, How’s your wife?”.


If I don’t wear matching socks then everybody I know will die.


Can’t step on three drains cause that’s asking for trouble. WILL step on two drains, first drain facing me is right foot on it not touching any lines and then the same with the left foot on the further away drain. Won’t catch me going under ladders or even scaffolding if I can POSSIBLY help it, and if I’m forced to then I’ll hold my breath and cross the fingers on my right hand until I’m out the other side- same with street signs that are held up by two poles. I would prefer to go on the road than under any of those things but sometimes you’ve got no choice. When going up and down stairs I have to count them in threes in my head. Got to salute to singular magpies and say “hello Mr Magpie, how are the wife and kids?” Do wishes on stars and also every day at 11.11am, I have an alarm on my phone so I don’t ever miss it. Some personal ones are doing the Catholic cross on myself before brushing my teeth, I have to touch red phone boxes three times when I walk past them and if I feel anxious I like to hold my breath and click my left hand fingers three times.

Yes I am on anti anxiety medication shut up

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Alright Stevie Wonder.


I like the one where if an ambulance goes past you have to hold your collar until you see a four-legged animal but I don’t actively practice it.

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A little bit is healthy imo, got to be on the safe side


Another couple I do, if I spill salt, i’ll throw a pinch over my left shoulder.

Oh and if I say the phrase “touch wood” I have to tap something wooden nearby twice too.

First of every month, have to say “White rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits”.


So you could say that

was a massive lie



I’m not superstitious in the sense I believe any such thing

but I have some sort of OCD-esque habits which are tied into feelings that something bad will happen

low-key ones that bubble up when I’m stressed, like only taking sips/slugs from my water bottle in prime numbers

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I’m very into astrology which is probably broadly the same thing

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Yehhh in retrospect, I was downplaying a bit there :smiley:

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made a stupid bet and lost my soul to the devil when I was a child so there’s no need for me to be superstitious anymore