How susceptable are you to bargains?

Like, I have been raised to see value in bargains, so even if the “saving” is arbitrary and I am being manipulated with some mild price inflation, there is a part of my brain that is SO happy when I buy something that’s been severely discounted. This is why I got to TK Maxx a lot, despite 99.9% of the stuff there being junk. When I find something good, it’s like pulling that sword out of that stone in that story. It’s an amazing feeling. Even knowing how easy this is to manipulate, I still feel that kick and look for it. Where do you stand with this?

  • Discounts don’t influence me in any way.
  • I do notice discounts, and take them into consideration, but I still go for the one I want.
  • I take the discounts into serious consideration when making a purchase.
  • I look at the discounted goods first, and sometimes end up buying something I didn’t intend to get because it was on offer.
  • I pretty much only buy stuff on offer, give me those sweet juicy offers, dear god.
  • Other

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What’s your thoughts on the phrase “Buy cheap, buy twice”?

  • Depends on what it is
  • So true!
  • Fucking hate people who say shit like this
  • It’s wrong
  • Other

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Take that fucking back about T K Maxx!

There are some good things there!

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Ok. I’m less angry now.

I’ve bought some amazing stuff from there. including the bedding that I’m lounging seductively in right now.

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Sometimes I’ll say something like “Wow! What a bargain!” but other times I’ll say something like “It’s only a bargain if you need it”


Yeah, those are things people say

You’re like Bertrand Russell.

Sometimes I will NOT buy something I NEED when it is NOT on offer, if it is an item that goes on offer occasionally and sometimes I wish I wasn’t like this.


*Bernard Matthews


I am like this with hair products

I like to bag a bargain

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The only toiletry I’m like this with is Dove soap, because I have no brand loyalty with the rest of that department

Boots meal deal. Sometimes I wait till 3pm for lunch because all the sandwiches/wraps/pasta are discounted at 50p.


Oh sorry, typo in my post, I meant “hairy products”

Pleased to have read your post about Dove soap though, regardless.

I recently bought the game Control because it is on offer. I know nothing about this game

That sort of thing?

Please can you provide some examples of “hairy products”.

Things I’ll never buy at full price

• toothpaste
• original source shower gel
• pretzel flipz
• ‘fancy’ instant coffee


I also had to stop myself buying Deus Ex yesterday because it was on a big Steam sale and I knew I would NEVER play it.

Instead I bought the Humble Bundle and I probably won’t do anything with those either.

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I don’t buy anything on sale any more unless I wanted it before it went on sale. It’s cut down a lot of my crap buying.

I am more of a discount code kind of gal. I’ve been known to sign up to a website* with many fake email addresses to get that sweet first purchase 15% off deal

(*big businesses ONLY)

Topcashback / Quidco holla

(I would have listed the Dutch equivalents, but I am playing to the crowd)