🍴 How Tasty Is It Really 🍴 Episode 1: PIZZA πŸ•

I think I could have pizza for every meal every day. In fact I did this for a week when working abroad. Easy 10/10

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Good pizza is all there is!

Feel free to chuck some sub-polls in btw.

Good pizza is always at least a 9.

laelfs bang on the money as always

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out of 12?

Falling asleep at my desk here. Making a stand on the 7/10ness of pizza might be what saves me today.

Gave it an 8 cos I always think after I’ve eaten one…that must have looked disgusting.

This is incredibly profound, thank you for sharing it.


Am lucky enough to live near the place that does the best pizza I’ve ever eaten, which is Flour and Ash on Gloucester Road in Bristol. And because everyone else is flexing their travel wanker muscles, the second best was at Tony’s in Vicenza.

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Pizza is the best

Literally cannot believe some people don’t like it

I ordered Pizza on Friday and I had the remaining slices of it yesterday evening.

The Oven in Bath is fucking great if you’re ever over that way.

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Easy 10, shut it down


You could, then, describe pizza as β€˜the gift that keeps on giving’.

White base pizzas

  • Fine
  • Why not just get rid of the bread while you’re at it, you clown

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sounds like a health and safety nightmare to me


It would.

In some ways you could say it is β€œthe gift that is designed for eating and keeps on giving”


They should put that on all the pizza boxes from now on I think.