🍴 How Tasty Is It Really 🍴 Episode 12: PRINGLES

Morning! Another week, another round of these nonsenses.

Here’s the league

Food Score
Pizza 8.86
Chips 8.26
Fry Up 8.05
Burger 8
Roast Dinner 7.8
Chocolate 7.71
Ice Cream 7.43
Soup 6.56
Cake 6.54
Pasty 6.33
Sweets 5.97

And today is all about the Pringle. Pringles then, htiir?

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Gone for a 6, the sour cream and chive ones are magnificent but none of the rest really do it for me. The plain ones are probably one of the worst available ready salted crisps.


Glad they’ve now followed my advice and brought out a medium-sized tube. Small tubes never enough, big tubes too big for one sitting.

My only beef now is they put the flavouring on the top yet the crisps are arched to go in your mouth easier the other way. Get the flavour on the bottom and it’s a 10/10 snack.

Prawn cocktail best flavour.


Embarrassingly tasty.

I can plough through a tube of the Aldi knockoff ones in twenty minutes without any shame.

Barbecue’s the best flavour, closely followed by the sour cream nacho ones. The Christmas novelty flavours are the absolute worst.

Of the readily available flavours:

  • Sour cream & onion
  • Salt & vinegar
  • Ready salted
  • BBQ
  • Paprika
  • Prawn cocktail

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Not Pringles chat. Seven day ban.


(They’re better than the OG version. Fight me.)

Who else used to have one of these?

classiest thing I’ve ever owned


Rendered obsolete by the advent of the mini pipe I’m sad to say.

I’m giving them a 7. Should probably be higher but I’ve spoiled them a bit by making them my go to just-mechanically-shoveling-food-into-my-face depression snack so they’re tainted by association. Also the ‘Once you pop you can’t stop!’ slogan is all too true for me and I hate them for it. Stop proving how weak I am in the face of even the smallest temptation you bastards!

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Salt and Vinegar Pringles are the pinnacle of foodstuffs.

They are guaranteed to give me mouth ulcers but I will regularly chomp down a whole tube despite that. That’s how damn good they are.


Best bit of doing the shopping imo is going round the corner into the crisps aisle and seeing that Pringles are half price or whatever. Have to stop myself dumping everything else out of the trolley and filling it up. We always get a different flavour Pringles when we do an American Sweets order and it’s nice to try new ones, but nothing beats the S&V ones (remember the Xtreme Salt and Vinegar flavour? JFC). Find it very hard to not eat a whole pipe at once. 8/10.

Are there people out there who can just eat a few pringles, put the lid back on and put the tub back in the press until tomorrow?

  • Restraint is my middle name
  • What tub?

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Buy proper crisps, cowards.


Years ago I accidentally bought a tube of ‘low fat’ pringles. They were completely inedible, utterly disgusting. Brought home to me what a frankenfood the originals were and put me off them forever.

So yeah highly addictive and delicious in a your body craving all that fat and salt way, but i genuinely have no wish to ever eat one again. 2/10.

What’s the crisp equivalent of real ale? Is it McCoy’s or something like that?

Brannigans ham and mustard.

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kettle chips?

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Easiest 10 ever. There’s no better snack. Happy to bosh a flue day over Christmas/Easter/major sporting event.

Ohhh it’s going to be Burt’s isn’t it. Or anything else “sea salt” flavoured. Anyway @hankscorpio, you are hereby declared a Burt’s Bore.