🍴 How Tasty Is It Really 🍴 Episode 12: PRINGLES

Easy to stop eating them when most flavours leave a nasty aftertaste.

Also easy to not in them in the first place tbh.

Nothing wrong with Burt’s but we’ll save that for another time.

Nothing wrong with real ale either, but as we all know that’s not really the point.

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fucking minging.


3/10. Probably in the lower quartile of crisps. Texture is not great; s&v flavour is okay but the sour cream and chive flavour is properly boke.

It might be a generational thing as there will be people on here for whom Pringles were a staple of a kids’ party (and therefore hardwired into their dopamine receptors) - whereas I think I was maybe a sixth-former / student before they became ubiquitous.

Close to a 10 but don’t have the structural integrity to dip into anything other than the thinnest hummus so that loses them a point.

I’ve given them a 7. Fully acknowledge that they are a poor substitute for a decent crisp, but goddamn are they tasty and moreish.

Weirdest flavours anyone has tried? Had Mango Chutney flavour in the US once, they were seriously grim. And the Mint Choc ones they released on Christmas. I liked them, but I’ve never met another person who feels the same way. Probably why they never ran with them again.

Rather a Burts Bore than sucking at the soft Pringles teat like a big fake crisp eating baby.

Also they taste and smell like someone has already eaten a big mouthful of them and burped in your face.

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which of these things do you dip in e.g. houmous

    • crisps
    • pringles
    • tortilla chips
    • vegetables
    • chips?
    • pitta breads
    • other

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Burts Firecracker Lobster crisps are better than any Pringle I have ever had, but I will still eat the shit out of Pringles.


Flat breads obviously.

Not a crisp.

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only boring stuff should be dipped imo
crisps and pringles have enough flavour to be self sufficient


Solidarity fist bump :fist_right:


I guess technically not, but then I’d count Wotsits and Monster Munch as crisps, even though they’re baked corn snacks.

They’re in the lower quartile of the stuff you might find in the crisps aisle of a supermarket.

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True. And they will all be covered in the crisp thread I guess. I’ve just always seen Pringles as a separate entity for some reason.

I am a habitual, voracious and largely indiscriminate snacker. I love most types of crisps. I’d only eat a Pringle if I was literally starving, they all taste vile. 1/10.

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me tonight

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I enjoy eating them, and they’re correctly marketed as moreish, but I’m not sure they should be considered food. Eat a much less processed snack imo. 1