🍴 How Tasty Is It Really 🍴 Episode 13: CURRY 🥘

Spot on. It’s a very tough sell as a single-person takeaway.

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Eating some pumpkin dal right now, so good

Maybe we could get Momos on the 8th

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Easiest 10 of all. I LOVE CURRY.

Also on the ghee chat - I’ve made my own in the past and it’s more straightforward than I thought it would be but the absolute best bit is taking the leftover milk solids, mixing with ground almonds and honey and eating that delicious goodness

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Don’t think curry should be called Indian food but “food of the Indian Subcontinent”

You keep recommending this place on here and I’ve STILL not tried it…

Going to get onto this place pronto :+1:

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They do a cracking Chorizo Tikka Masala


Maybe, if we’re in London early enough :blush:
Don’t want my belly to be too full of MOMOS for dancing my little heart out at CRJ!

I always make curries in massive amounts so that I have a freezer full and get to bring it to work for lunch.


The best way. I regularly find that I’ve cooked too much and forgotten that I’d already cooked a bunch of curry previously that’s already in the freezer, so I have to just eat the new one for many sequential meals. Perfectly good outcome.

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Genuinely might buy a second freezer.


well obviously korma and tikka massala are shit but generally its a good meal. Curry done well is amazing. Most curries are not amazing.

Scoring based on a curry at it’s best it’s clearly a 10.

I enjoy a chicken tikka sandwich, is tikka sort of a curry?

Standard local curryhouse order is a lamb vindaloo


  • Pilau Rice
  • Onion Bahji
  • Garlic Naan
  • Saag Aloo
    Sometimes a mixed tandoori as well
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don’t get this - korma and tikka massala are both exceptional, as evidenced by how popular it is.



still remember the indian triple sandwich sainsbos used to do in the mid 00s. another sandwich great ripped away in its prime.

  • I remember and miss this dearly
  • I remember and dgaf
  • I don’t remember but am intrigued
  • I don’t remember and dgaf

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  • Plain
  • Spiced
  • Not on popadombook

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King Prawn Karahi / Lamb Karahi if poor
Pilau rice
Saag aloo
popadom x 2
plain naan
cheeky bhaji.