🍴 How Tasty Is It Really 🍴 Episode 14: DOUGHNUT 🍩

Good morning! Got to start this one early cause I won’t be around much today.

Curry takes a very strong lead

Food Score
Curry 9.35
Pizza 8.86
Chips 8.26
Fry Up 8.05
Burger 8
Roast Dinner 7.8
Chocolate 7.71
Ice Cream 7.43
Soup 6.56
Cake 6.54
Pasty 6.33
Sweets 5.97
Pringles 5.63

And today is the turn of the doughnut!

Doughnuts then?

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Like a donut, don’t love them, probably going to five them up, particularly as other option like churros are available. Top dedication to the polls, Funkman!

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Fucking hell trying to go to sleep here and doughnuts come up, just not fair


Massive doughnut fan, eat at least 5 a week,

Go to’s chocolate frosted, glazed, jelly,


Fancy expensive doughnuts can fuck off. Massively overpriced and overrated, give me 5 for 80p from the supermarket or the bakers anyday. Custard>>>jam.


How Deadly Is It Really: Scurvy


Oh lighten up grandma! We’ll do salad next if you like.


Krispy Kreme

  • True doughnuts
  • Fake and shite

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Good, solid 7. You can’t go too far wrong with a doughnut.

Get out!

Yer 5 doughnuts for a quid from tescos is probably the best calories-for-your-buck deal available isn’t it? Tremendous value for money.


It’s a 6 from me.

I have had some Partridge-esque moments of misery staying in grim Travelodges for work, with only a bag of 5 Tessers doughnuts between me and despair, so they’re a bit tainted for me.

Definitely could live off them for fuck all though, especially if you could afford a pack of multivitamins.


As someone who can’t eat gluten, jam doughnuts are pretty high up the list of thing I miss being able to eat.

Totally ambivalent towards doughnuts. Can take them or leave them


Glazed doughnuts are shite.

Does 9.35 for curry make it DiS’s highest rated thing of all time?

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Quite like those custard donuts from sainsbazzers

Greggs Fudge (caramel custard) doughnuts are 10. Overall I’ve gone for an 8.


It’s higher than Aretha.


Doughnut is ok.

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Bob dugnutt