🍴 How Tasty Is It Really 🍴 Episode 2: SOUP 🥣

Hello there! Time to dive straight back in to another poll and exciting debate!
After a large amount of votes and a long ol’ thread, pizza ends up on 8.86 as the first leaderboard entry.

Today we’ll be deciding; how tasty is soup, really?

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If you told me I’d never eat soup for the rest of my life, I’d be absolutely fine with it.


Tomato soup when I’m ill :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Couldn’t give a shit the rest of the time

Actually oxtail is nice on occasion


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It’s fine isn’t it, soup. Quite nice if you’re ill or on a cold day for lunch but nobody ever said “my favourite food? Oh definitely soup!”


Yeah, first two spoonfuls are always “huh, this is good, why don’t I have soup more often” and then by spoonful four you remember why.


Also, soup is not dinner/tea. Lunch, yes, with bread or a sandwich or something. Starter? Of course, soup away. But as a main meal main course, take a hike soupy.

Giving soup a straight up 9/10. Love soup




Gave it an 8. Soup is great.

The best soup is better than an average pizza.


Different soup for different…needs

Mrs W does an amazing cheesy, basil and courgette soup. Tomato soup, and leek and potato soup, can be great too.

Carrot and coriander soup can get in the bin though.


Proper good soup is fucking great. 10!


Soup can be fine and I’m sure in it’s finest form can be elevated but I have a bit of an anti-soup bias as I just associate it with sad, slightly depressing English food from a can. Totally to do with my associations but I can’t really get past it. 3/10.

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  • Supermarket soup
  • Supermarket pizza

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You see I also know a few people who are very controlling and judgemental about food and they definitely use soup as a sort of weapon - vegetable soup for dinner. No cheese, no bread, no pudding, be happy with the soup.

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Are they prison guards?


pretty much

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Certain soups are fine. I like a thick, smooth soup. Don’t really want any soggy lumps floating around in it. But I very, VERY rarely crave a soup. If it’s offered up as a starter to a meal, sure, I’ll eat it (flavour permitting), but I generally won’t choose to eat soup over any other foodstuff.

Top 3 soups:

  • Wild garlic

  • Spicy butternut squash

  • Leek and potato

I voted 5. A distinctly average food.

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french onion soup is a good type of soup imo, possibly even the best type of soup


Would be number 4 on my list

Heinz Big Soup is the best of the available tinned soups.