🍴 How Tasty Is It Really 🍴 Episode 21: CHINESE 🍜

Hello! Last one of these for the week (maybe last one completely, haven’t decided yet)

Confirmation of a lacklustre score for crisps

Food Score
Curry 9.35
Pizza 8.86
Mexican 8.83
Cheese 8.60
Chips 8.26
Sandwich 8.10
Fry Up 8.05
Burger 8.00
Roast Dinner 7.80
Lasagna 7.73
Chocolate 7.71
Ice Cream 7.43
Crisps 7.27
Doughnut 6.73
Soup 6.56
Cake 6.54
Greggs 6.44
Pasty 6.33
Sweets 5.97
Pringles 5.63

And now, what do we think of Chinese food then?

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The gulf between how great good Chinese food is, and how terrible bad Chinese food is, might be the biggest disparity in the world of food.


Something something China huge country much variety in cuisine blah blah you can’t possibly expect me to etc


I think someone’s said this for every food we’ve rated, and now it’s finally true.


Like very little of the menu. Most chinese places are bad, homemade stuff is usually underwhelming, ready meals trash. I do like me a serving of special fried rice though. I’ve had authentic stuff and liked it but I’m guessing this is based on the british take way of which is mostly overly salty garbage


I don’t think there is more of a gamble when it comes to ordering a dish from an unknown restaurant than with a Chinese restaurant.

And yeah, like 85% of the menu is not interesting to me, so it’s a 6/10.

In my old house we were a 15 minute walk away from the best Chinese restaurant I’ve ever been to. It was at least a full tier ahead of the fluorescent red sweet and sour sauce places. Loads of nice seafood options, and the house specials were some of the nicest dishes I’ve ever had from anywhere.

But there was a fluorescent red sweet and sour sauce place directly across the road from the house. Only went to the nicer place once in about five years because of it.

In conclusion, Chinese food is a cuisine of contrasts.


Large pancake roll

I’m a large pancake roll


I like both the nice chinese food and the salty british garbage equally


Think it’s the opposite, Chinese takeaway is very similar from one place to the next. Chow mein is practically identical wherever you go.

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Some stuff is, but stuff like the sweet n sour balls, and shredded chilli beef/chicken varies wildly.

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Our usual order is along the lines of:
1/4 crispy duck
Crispy chilli chicken
Special chow mein
Beef in oyster sauce or beef curry
Salt & chilli chips
Prawn toast.


I’ve never not been disappointed by a Chinese take-away. How do they manage to overcook the noodles into mush EVERY TIME? And where’s the flavour?! Hmm. Worst is 2.

Have had some excellent Chinese meals at restaurants.
Best I ever had was a place my big sister took us to in Irvine, California. That was 9 out of 10.


Shirley Manson should cover this.

Because I am incredibly sophisticated I am voting on my dining experiences in various provinces of actual China and therefore I am going to give it a 10. Thanks.


Have to be in the mood for a Chinese.
Fairly limited selection of stuff I actually like.


Love that unique numb-mouth feeling you get from szechuan. It’s not like any other kind of β€˜spicy’ food.


Very rarely have a Chinese meal. Can’t remember the last time I had a Chinese takeaway, maybe 6yrs ago. Scoring it a 7, because as nice as it is, I very rarely want it.

Aye, hit and miss in the extreme. But as comfort food not much better than a nice, freshly cooked (British-style) Chinese with an ice-cold strong beer. A solid 7.

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