🍴 How Tasty Is It Really 🍴 Episode 4: PASTY

Right then, let’s see how this goes

Ice cream goes ahead of soup but still behind pizza

Food Score
Pizza 8.86
Ice Cream 7.43
Soup 6.56

And we turn our attention to the champion of all foods. For the purposes of this thread, I will be suspending my pasty purism and including yer cheese & onion, vegetable, lamb & mint etc.

The humble pasty; how tasty is it really?

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My favourite pasty is a ginsters pasty


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Good for you, but these threads are about actual food.


Are we including slices and bakes under the pasty umbrella? Or do they require their own thread?

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Don’t think I’ve ever had a pasty

They will be covered in the Greggathread on another date.

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I respect your commitment to pasty purity.


Pasties are exclusively eaten when stuck at a train station, waiting on a delayed train.


A great pasty is a thing of joy but not a good as a great pizza. However they are much more portable and practical for the busy on-the-go lifestyle and that counts for a lot.


8 out of 10.

One of my favourite memories is pasty-related from the first holiday I took with the TV back when we were 20. We went camping in St Ives. Weather was awful for most of the time and had to pick snails out of our walking boots most mornings. Anyway, on the one nice day we picked up pasties from town first thing then went on a long coastal walk. At lunchtime we ate those pasties, still nice and warm, sat on a quiet beach and it was just blissful.


Train station pasties are not representative of the rest of the pasty world.

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Wouldn’t know where else to buy them.

Devon. Or failing that, Cornwall. Or failing that, a bakery.

A pasty is a smile in food form

It’s another 10/10 from me


Best pasty I’ve ever had was from a gaff in Looe. Amazing stuff


Can’t stand them, even the smell of the filling makes me gag. Very sorry to my south west brethren, I love you but it’s a 1 from me.


Used to go to work sometimes in the school holidays with my dad at Looe fish market and one of the old fish guys would buy me a pasty. Good pasties in Looe.

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Genuinely don’t know how to process this news :sob:

Used to get a cheese tomato and basil one from birmingham new street, which I was a big fan of

Same with the bacon and cheese one

Both of these seem to have vanished

Might check one of these days

cheese and onion can be good pasty imo