🍴 How Tasty Is It Really 🍴 Episode 9: SWEETS 🍬

Morning! Another thread to get your teeth into (like you would with food :joy::rofl::crazy_face:)

Anyway, here’s the table

Food Score
Pizza 8.86
Chips 8.26
Roast Dinner 7.8
Chocolate 7.71
Ice Cream 7.43
Soup 6.56
Cake 6.54
Pasty 6.33

And now, sweets! This can include things like Skittles, Haribo etc through to pick β€˜n’ mix and those tins your grandad kept in the glovebox and anything in between.
Sweets! How tasty are they, really?

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I genuinely cannot for the life of me understand them. Horrible things that don’t in any way resemble food. Basically just like eating (badly) flavoured plastic or something.

Just awful. Would minus figure if I could.


I’ll eat them if they are there but that doesn’t mean they are good.

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Might be able to do boiled sweets at a push.

10! Obvs there’s some garbage out there, but good god do I love sweets. Sour patch kids, refreshers, starburst, wine gums, tangfastics, starmix, foreign haribo, cola cubes, strawberry pencils…

Is there any joy as pure as creating your perfect pick n mix?



Had some lush ones last night. Fizzy (and sour) caramel. Fit mates.

Was a real fiend for sweets in my youth. As an adult type 1 diabetic however, they tend to serve more as emergency medicine. Delicious emergency medicine.


Most of em are shit 3

Love me a sweet. Really bad for eating an entire packet once it’s opened. David are probably fruit pastilles, skittles and veggie Percy pigs. Like to get some rhubarb and custards in for a road trip

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Percy pigs :heart:


Really like maoam pinballs atm


Every time I order contact lenses they add a little bag of sweets to the box. No idea why, but I do have a large collection of Haribos gathering dust in the back of my cupboard.

Don’t rate sweets at all. Except liquorice, obviously.


looking forward to when we do the good foods!



How Tasty Is It Really: Tuna fish

Are you coming on Saturday?
Please feel free to bring me all those dusty little bags of Haribo :blush:
Ps. I think we order our contacts from the same place!

Most sweets are gross, @aboynamedgoo i get th is too with my contacts, always give them away to the kids i tutorπŸ˜†

I am not in London this weekend, sadly.

Next DiS Meat (if I remember).

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Don’t think I should be doing that.

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