How the fuck do the contestants on University Challenge know all that random shite?

If they were really bright they’d be on only connect instead. Booksmart vs street smart, innit


This is huge. Had an ex with basically a photographic memory - didn’t mean he necessarily understood everything but he was able to spit out facts at the appropriate time and that carried him through all sorts of places. Also he was really fucking annoying for reeling off rap lyrics and entire Stewart Lee routines. Insufferable. I hate Lee by proxy now tbh.

only connect - tofu eating wokerati
university challenge - proper challenge, proper haircuts

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I like this a lot

Nah if they were really bright they’d go on Pointless where they’d maybe win a thousand pounds and “take the family on a nice holiday somewhere, maybe Nottingham “

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That sounds fun



We asked you: name a well known phrase that contains a first name.

You said: petering about

Let’s see if that’s right…

OH NO!!!

I’m sorry that’s an incorrect answer and scores you 100 points.

Yes I’m afraid petering about isn’t a well known phrase. I suspect you were probably thinking of petering out, which would have scored you five points, but let’s look at some of the pointless answers shall we?

I feel like it is my responsibility as captain to tell you that this is inappropriate. Cheers. Aggers is crying


Played in loads of different groups as a teenager but relevant here is a band I was in towards the end of 6th form, we weren’t technically good but it was lots of fun. Think the first lineup was a 5 piece, I was in the second lineup which was a 4 piece iirc with only the singer in both lineups. Of the 8 people who were in either lineup, 3 of them ended up on university challenge, which is a pretty ridiculous hit rate. I wasn’t one of them, obviously. But one of them was a former DiSer, another is the sibling of a DiSer I think.

If it’s any consolation I now have a disturbing mental image of aggpass asking Richard Osman out into the car park to settle this thing once and for all, which I don’t seem to be able to shake :frowning:

Old school mate of mine was a uc captain at some point and I can’t quite see him bothering to put much time into prepping. That said I think they got thrashed, so…

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Fulham on Fulham violence


private school


how do they know stuff about opera? nobody knows anything about opera.