How thirsty are you?

In the usual sense, you filthy minded freaks.

When did we become a nation of infants who can’t attend any event, meeting, function without a bottle of water?

I don’t get very thirsty and am therefore superior to the rest of you constantly-swigging divs.

Anyone with an actual medical condition gets a pass, obvs.

  • I’m tough as fuck, like saps, and don’t have to take water everywhere I go
  • I’m a baby and am never seen without a bottle of water
  • I’m still a wimp and carry water a lot but don’t panic if I’ve not got a bottle with me at all times.
  • I have a genuine medical need to sip water at considerable frequency
  • Some other option that implies that saps is being totally unreasonable here

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I do basically all of my drinking for the day between the hours of 9 and 10am. After that my only real liquid intake is a small cup of tea at 4pm and a small glass of water with my sleeping pill at 2200hrs

I’m always thirsty. Always have been.

I’ve checked with a doctor, I’m not diabetic or anything. Just constantly thirsty.

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Times where I might get a bottle of water (or another beverage):

  • cinema
  • long aeroplane / car / train journey
  • exercise

Always have a glass of (fizzy) water on the go at work.

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If I don’t drink I get angry. Also if I drink lots of coffee I get angry.

Under what circumstances do you get even?

I have water with me constantly. I drink at least 2 litres a day, sometimes 3.

Drinking water is the key to everything.

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Odd question


Pretty much this :+1:

Yeah, about the same. Always tap water though, right?

I try not to be seen without a cup of tea during working hours and when at home

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Yeah I don’t buy bottled water unless I really have to. I carry a stainless steel 1ltr bottle with me always.

can’t believe saps would actively try to disencourage people to drink water which they need to live with his bullying crap. sort it out, saps!


Am I the arbiter of @anon29812515 dad joking because I really enjoyed it.

I thought you’d enjoy his post. Someone has to.


Try to always have water.

It’s partly because if I keep myself drinking enough water I can stop myself snacking on sweets while working.

I’m trying to thin the numbers out.